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Rwanda genocide survivors moved out of hostel so Priti Patel could inspect it

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Survivors of the Rwandan genocide who currently live in the hostel that will house asylum seekers sent from the UK under a controversial Home Office plan were dispatched on a day trip to prevent them disrupting the vi...

I moved to an all-girls college to escape my school’s rape culture – finally I can study in safety

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Until I reached 16, I’d spent my entire education in mixed schools. A lot of that time was happy: I made friends, learned new skills and explored subjects that intrigued me. But all of those experiences happened under...

Pollo a la Mantequilla Goila, Londres W1: Pollo a la Mantequilla Goila? Pollo a la Mantequilla Goila

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Pollo a la Mantequilla Goila, Pollo a la Mantequilla Goila, Pollo a la Mantequilla Goila. Pollo a la Mantequilla Goila, Pollo a la Mantequilla Goila, pero, Pollo a la Mantequilla Goila.

Last year I accidentally moved to New Zealand. This can be blamed on love

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I like to think of myself as an easy-breezy kind of gal. One of those people who impulsively follows the faintest whiff of a fun idea, like a cartoon dog floating along the scent of a pie to where it is cooling on a w...

Tropas rusas atacaron la capital de Ucrania el viernes

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Tropas rusas atacaron la capital de Ucrania el viernes, Tropas rusas atacaron la capital de Ucrania el viernes, Tropas rusas atacaron la capital de Ucrania el viernes. Tropas rusas atacaron la capital de Ucrania el viernes, Tropas rusas atacaron la capital de Ucrania el viernes.

Harsh conditions mean Russian troops near Ukraine will need to be moved soon

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Russian forces massing near Ukraine’s borders can only remain in position for a few days before they have to be sent back to nearby bases or risk their capability being significantly degraded, western officials and ex...

New Zealand’s homeless have been moved off the streets, but the crisis endures

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Franki began living on Auckland’s streets at age 15, shortly after his father died in 2018. He hunted for secret spots to sleep – the backs of buildings and cemeteries. There were times when he was frightened; times w...

‘I’ve moved on, and then some’: singer George Ezra on fame, friendship and finding new inspiration

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George Ezra walks into the Old Barge, the Hertford pub that’s been his lifelong local, and within three minutes his song, Budapest is on the stereo. “They’re so supportive here," él dice, with shy gratitude, as he sto...

Me mudé a la costa para tener una vida mejor, ahora estoy de regreso en Londres, donde pertenezco.

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La mayoría de los días caminaba por la carretera de la costa, más allá de los bungalows frente al canal, donde el mar era implacablemente gris, y los jardines trazaron tan cuidadosamente que el espacio entre cada tulipán, cada narciso, parecía tener ....

Hot news from two billion years ago: plankton actually moved mountains

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The mighty forces that created our planet’s mountains in ancient days got some unexpected help, scientists have discovered. Their research shows some of Earth’s greatest ranges got a boost from primitive lifeforms who...

La opinión de The Guardian sobre Barbados y la Reina: se ha movido. ¿Puede Gran Bretaña?

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El contraste difícilmente podría ser más sorprendente. En Gran Bretaña, la remoción de la estatua de un comerciante de esclavos, Los cambios de nombre de las instituciones y las disculpas de algunos que se beneficiaron de la esclavitud han producido montones de argum febril..

Customers of collapsed UK energy suppliers to be moved to E.ON

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Más que 230,000 customers from three collapsed energy suppliers will move to E.ON under plans agreed by the industry watchdog, as soaring wholesale gas and electricity prices shrink the pool of independent providers...

‘The fire moved around it’: success story in Oregon fuels calls for prescribed burns

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The Bootleg fire stampeded through southern Oregon so fiercely that it spit up thunderclouds. But when the flames approached the Sycan Marsh Preserve, a 30,000-acre wetland thick with ponderosa pines, something incred...

We’ve moved house, but every purchase feels fraught with indecision

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When my boyfriend and I moved into our own flat, we were congratulated on our “new chapter”. I didn’t get it: we’d already been living together for several years in a shared place, so the move seemed more like a minor...

World’s only alpine parrot may have moved to the mountains to avoid people

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New Zealand’s rare, highly endangered alpine parrots may have headed for the mountains to avoid people – and researchers say their adaptability could help them survive the climate crisis. The kea is considered the onl...

Italy cable car crash: five-year-old survivor to be moved out of intensive care

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The five-year-old boy who survived last weekend’s deadly cable car crash in the Italian mountains that killed his parents and sibling is awake and will soon be moved out of intensive care, hospital officials said on T...

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