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‘His heart is broken’: Buffalo mourns shooting victims as first funeral held

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The first of 10 funerals for the 10 Black people killed in a Buffalo supermarket was held on Friday following an impassioned gathering of Black civil rights and community leaders at a church the night before where spe...

'Un visionario in molti modi': il mondo dell'arte piange la scomparsa dell'artista Yolngu Wanambi

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Il mondo dell'arte è in lutto per la scomparsa di uno degli artisti delle Prime Nazioni più rispettati d'Australia, Signor Wanambi, con uno dei suoi allievi che diceva "la sua scomparsa ha cambiato il nostro intero panorama". Il pittore Yolngu, cineasta ...

Australia news updates live: Scott Morrison to convene cabinet over flood support; Labor mourns Kimberley Kitching

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PM will also meet governor general David Hurley to advise him on the country’s first national emergency declaration. Segui in diretta tutte le news del giorno

Spain mourns worst fishing tragedy in 38 years after sinking of Villa de Pitanxo

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Spain was in mourning for its worst fishing tragedy in almost 40 anni, as rescuers warned on Wednesday that it was unlikely they would find any more survivors from a ship that sank in rough seas off Newfoundland. Sea...

‘A patriot without equal’: world mourns after death of Desmond Tutu

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Ci sono molte persone oggi che si lamentano della politicizzazione percepita dello sport, ma politica e sport sono inestricabilmente intrecciati e lo sono stati sin dal loro inizio, religious figures and activists from around the world have paid tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the cleric, social activist and giant of South Africa’s struggle against white minority rule who died on...

Plymouth mourns Bobbi-Anne McLeod as family’s fears are realised

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At 6pm on Saturday, Bobbi-Anne McLeod took the short walk up the hill from her family’s terraced home in the Leigham area of Plymouth to a bus stop. She was due to catch the number 50 into the city centre and then str...

‘I don’t want them out alone’: fearful Kidbrooke mourns Sabina Nessa

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It was quiet in Cator Park on Thursday morning. Every now and then, someone would pass by, jogging or walking their dog, breaking the stillness across the green space in south-east London flanked by the new-build apar...

America mourns on 20th anniversary of 9/11 terror attacks

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America is mourning the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington that killed nearly 3,000 people and helped shape the 21st century. Joe Biden is due this morning to join families of the vic...

Farewell ‘Bernadino spewmuchly’: New Zealand mourns loss of favoured sparkling wine

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New Zealanders are mourning the end of one of the country’s cheapest sparkling wines, a beverage that for many was the defining drink of their youth, the cause of many bad decisions and a familiar presence at parties ...

China mourns passing of heroic pig that survived 2008 quake

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A pig that became an unlikely national icon in China after surviving 36 days under rubble following a powerful earthquake in 2008 è morto all'età di 14, sparking an outpouring of emotion. Zhu Jianqiang, meaning “s...

San Jose mourns shooting victims: ‘Healing will be a long, difficult path’

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In downtown San Jose, in the crowded plaza of city hall, hundreds of mourning families, local residents and Bay Area light rail employees laid flowers in front of nine framed pictures. It was a scene erected to honor ...

‘It’s unfathomable’: Israel mourns after deadly crush at holy festival

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Signs of the night’s tragedy were scattered everywhere. Crushed plastic bottles lined the narrow sloped path, barely 3 o 4 metres across. A metal handrail lay bent, completely ripped from the ground by the force of t...

‘His spirit lives on’: Vanuatu’s Tanna island mourns Prince Philip as its own

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Days after the news of Prince Philip’s death reverberated around the world, a young woman and her mother selling snacks in a marketplace on the Vanuatu island of Tanna heard it for the first time. Sophie, who declined...

Troops open fire at funeral as Myanmar mourns bloodiest day since coup

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Myanmar security forces opened fire on mourners gathered for the funeral of one of the 114 people killed the previous day, the bloodiest day of protests since the military coup on 1 febbraio, according to witnesses. T ...