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Covid, mourning and the spectre of violence: New Caledonia prepares for blighted independence vote

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New Caledonia is set to hold a referendum on independence from France this weekend, the third and final poll meant to conclude a decolonisation process initiated 30 anni fa. For anyone who witnessed the first two r...

Mourning suit: the return of goth fashion

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Release the bats: goth style has returned. Questa settimana, Kourtney Kardashian visited Venice with her boyfriend, Blink-182’s Travis Barker, trading in Balmain bodycon for black leather trousers from Rick Owens and studded...

Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony: toil and mourning bloom into sparkling extravaganza

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Rather than turning its face away from the struggles of the past year to put on an all-smiling, all-dancing show, Tokyo’s delayed opening ceremony led with the theme of loss and mourning in a meditative three-hour pro...

‘Alone in her grief’: mourning monarch is a picture of loneliness for UK papers

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Images of the Queen sitting alone with her thoughts at the funeral of Prince Philip dominate the front pages of the Sunday papers. Most titles chose to illustrate their royal coverage with pictures of the monarch in t...