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‘Self-driving’ cars could get green light for use on UK motorways this year

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Motorists could legally allow their cars to “self-drive” on British motorways later this year – but only slowly, het die regering aangekondig. Drivers could soon be allowed to read a newspaper or watch a film via the ...

‘If there’d been a hard shoulder, I’d still have my mum’: are smart motorways safe?

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Claire Mercer doesn’t drive. She has always been anxious about it. “I have tried to learn, but I’m just too nervous,” says Mercer, a 44-year-old construction buyer from Rotherham. For years her husband, Jason, drove h...

Really smart motorways would have a lower speed limit

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The case for reducing the national speed limit from 70mph to 50mph was made by Stephen Plowden and Mayer Hillman in 1996 and reinforced many times, including by the environmental audit committee in 2006. The prime rea...

Ministers plan legal action to stop Insulate Britain disrupting motorways

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Priti Patel and Grant Shapps are seeking a court injunction to stop environmental protesters from targeting major motorways after five days of tailbacks and damaging headlines for the government. The home secretary an...