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‘Right to request’ flexible work not granted for half of UK’s working mothers

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Half of the UK’s working mothers do not get the flexibility they ask for, while those that do work flexibly face discrimination, according to a survey. The survey of almost 13,000 mothers carried out by the Trades Uni...

Revisión de Mothers of the Revolution - regreso emocional a Greenham Common

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Si alguna vez hubo una película que garantizara traer una lágrima a los ojos de los lectores sentimentales de The Guardian de cierta edad, es este. Esencialmente, es un documental directo de cabezas parlantes y material de archivo sobre el G ...

‘We have to show courage’: the Philippines mothers taking Duterte and his ‘war on drugs’ to court

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En 11 Mayo 2017, Crisanto Lozano set off early in the morning from his home in Manila. He was going to renew his security guard licence, a requirement for his profession. By afternoon, he still hadn’t returned, nor was...

Fear on the ward: UK mothers threatened with social services for refusing maternity care

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Pregnant women and new mothers are being referred to social services by midwives for refusing to follow their advice, patient advocacy groups have warned. Expectant parents who have declined care, including opting out...

My sibling has stolen our late mother’s will. Is this a crime?

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Our mother died this summer. She deposited her will with a solicitor, having appointed one of my two siblings as executor, and shared her estate equally between the three of us. However the other sibling purloined the...

Hospital admits liability for baby’s death after ignoring mother’s concerns

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A hospital has admitted liability for the death of a baby who was delivered stillborn three days after his mother’s complaints of fluid loss and severe pain were dismissed as wetting the bed. Jacob Jackson could have ...

Parallel Mothers review – Almodóvar delivers Venice film festival a little bundle of joy

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The first day of the Venice film festival is an excitable, expectant affair. The staff wear medical masks, the cinemas have been sanitised and the guests mass at the door like anxious family members outside a maternit...

Juez estadounidense revoca el derecho de la madre a visitar a su hijo por su negativa a recibir la vacuna Covid

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Un juez de Illinois revocó el derecho de una madre a visitar a su hijo de 11 años porque se negó a vacunarse contra el coronavirus.. En lo que se cree que es un fallo sin precedentes, El juez del condado de Cook James Shapi ...

Hearing mother’s voice can lessen pain in premature babies, estudio sugiere

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Premature babies appear to feel less pain during medical procedures when they are spoken to by their mothers, los investigadores han encontrado. Babies that are born very early often have to spend time in neonatal intensive care...

‘I can’t work’: the mothers left to fight alone for their children’s mental health care

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Cassandra Leese should have been at the front of the queue when the NHS called on former staff to return to help fight the nascent Covid pandemic in March 2020. As an ITU-trained nurse, she was exactly the sort of exp...

Snow Lantern victory sorts out her mother’s unfinished business

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Eight years on from one of the more controversial finishes to a Group One in recent memory, Snow Lantern brought closure for the Hannon family here on Friday with a half-length success in the Falmouth Stakes – the sam...

‘The world is laughing at you’: brothers fined for destroying mother’s Victorian home in will dispute

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The world is laughing at the stupidity of two brothers who destroyed their late mother’s home in regional Victoria after their sister was named executor of her estate, a Victorian judge has said. Malcolm and Garry Tay...

Swinton insurance stalls over my blind mother’s claim

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My 104-year-old mother has home insurance with Swinton, which includes emergencies in the home that cause a risk to health. Being almost blind, she relies on a macerator lavatory in her bedroom at night, and this is f...

I Couldn’t Love You More by Esther Freud review – mothers, daughters and secrets

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Esther Freud’s ninth novel is about mothers, daughters and secrets, telling the story of three generations of women: the men they love and the choices they make. There’s Aoife, in contemporary Cork, who relates to her...

How can I stop my mother’s constant criticism bringing me down?

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I love my mother most of the time, but sometimes I hate her. She has always been critical of me; it’s as if she has to find fault (with my hair, my clothes, the way I do things). My brother is spared this criticism. M...

Un estudio encuentra niveles alarmantes de "sustancias químicas permanentes" en la leche materna de las madres estadounidenses

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Un nuevo estudio que examinó la leche materna de mujeres estadounidenses para detectar contaminación por PFAS detectó la sustancia química tóxica en todos 50 muestras probadas, y a niveles casi 2,000 veces más alto que el nivel que anuncian algunos defensores de la salud pública..

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