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Mum review – Morgan Lloyd Malcolm’s unnerving look at motherhood

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The title of Mum – a fertile-with-ideas play by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, writer of the excellent Shakespeare spin-off Emilia (2018) – is singular but refers to three mothers: Nina, whose baby Ben is three months old; Nin...

Designing Motherhood: project puts objects shaped by maternity in focus

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The humble breast pump, long used behind closed doors, is finally getting its moment in the sun. En 2015, Michelle Millar Fisher, then a curatorial assistant at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, proposed the 1956 Egnel...

TV esta noche: more excruciating trials of middle-class motherhood

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Fresh from her star turn as the menacing Patricia Carmichael in Line of Duty, Anna Maxwell-Martin dons an altogether more empathetic guise as harried working mother Julia for the third season of the hit sitcom about ...

The Motherhood Project review – difficult choices, disparate voices

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In one of the 15 monologues here, Juno Dawson observes that motherhood is still conflated with womanhood. It is a crucial point and this series is both a meditation on what it means to be a modern-day mother as well a...