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The mafia killed Alessandra Clemente’s mother. Now she wants to take them on as mayor of Naples

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Aan 11 Junie 1997, a 10-year-old girl named Alessandra Clemente heard 41 gunshots from an open window at her home in Naples, as she was waiting for her mother to return for lunch. When the shooting stopped, she ran to t...

Ma wat aangekla word van moord op haar drie dogters verskyn in die hof in Nieu -Seeland

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'N Vrou verskyn in die hof van die moord op haar drie jong dogters enkele weke nadat die gesin uit Suid -Afrika in Nieu -Seeland aangekom het. Lauren Anne Dickason verskyn Saterdagoggend in die hof in die hof..

Daphne Franks: the woman who lost her much-loved mother to a predatory marriage

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According to Daphne Franks, her mother was 87 when she met Colman Folan. He passed by when Joan Blass was trimming her hedge, the two got talking and she invited him in. Even this was out of character for Blass, sê ...

Boris Johnson se ma, Charlotte Johnson se keuse, sterf by 79

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Charlotte Johnson se keuse, die moeder van die premier, is op die ouderdom van 79. Die portretskilder is Maandag in 'n Londense hospitaal "skielik en vreedsaam" oorlede, het die familie gesê in 'n verklaring gedeelde wete..

Mother pleads for baby injured in Kabul airport attack to be brought to UK

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The mother of a baby who was critically injured when his grandfather, a London minicab driver, died in the Kabul airport bomb attack has pleaded for him to be brought to the UK as soon as possible. Muhammad Raza, aged...

Kalifornië: mother fights off mountain lion with bare hands to save 5-year-old son

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A mountain lion that attacked a 5-year-old boy in southern California has been shot and killed by a wildlife officer, authorities say. The 65-pound (30kg) mountain lion attacked the boy while he was playing near his h...

‘The mother she’ll never meet’: young parents among UK Covid victims

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Covid-19 deaths in the UK have reached their highest level since mid-March, data shows. The seven-day average for deaths within 28 days of a positive test now stands at 100, figures released by Public Health England o...

Leeds mother pleads for help with autistic daughter’s ballet school fees

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Before she was even accepted into one of the country’s most prestigious ballet schools, Constance Bailey’s audition immediately made her feel different. “Everyone else arrived in these really fancy cars – there were a...

Police name five people killed in Plymouth, including gunman’s mother

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A three-year-old girl who was killed alongside her father in Thursday’s shooting spree in Plymouth has been described as the “sweetest, cutest little girl”. Sophie Martyn was one of five people shot dead in the attack...

Streatham attacker’s mother instantly knew son was responsible, inquest told

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The mother of a terrorist killed by police after going on a stabbing rampage in south London described instantly “knowing” her son was responsible when she heard about the attack, shortly after they last spoke. Haleem...

Daughter of 13-year-old mother raped in 1970s wins justice at last

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It started with Jimmy Savile and it ended nine years later in an airless courtroom in Birmingham. Daisy, nou 45, was taken into care days after her birth and was adopted when she was seven months old. She had known si...

My toxic mother wants contact with my child – how do I approach this?

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I am expecting a baby later this year. Despite living in a different country, my mother wants to be as involved as she can. I benefited hugely from my relationship with my grandparents and would love my child to have ...

TV vanaand: Amy Winehouse’s mother recalls her daughter’s life

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A decade after her tragic death, this documentary focuses on the life of the singer Amy Winehouse, the story told largely through the lesser-known perspective of her mother, Janis. Now diagnosed with multiple scleros...

South African mother describes throwing baby from burning building – video

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A young mother from Durban has described throwing her two-year-old daughter from a burning building. Naledi Manyoni said she had no choice but to release her grip on her daughter and hope that she was caught by people...

Mother killed children’s abusive father to save them, French court hears

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To their neighbours in the small village of Baudemont, in the Burgundy region north of Lyon, the Polette family seemed perfectly normal. They were discreet and did not socialise, but when they did villagers remarked t...

Angélique Kidjo: Mother Nature review – hip-hop exuberance meets African tradition

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With a booming population that is overwhelmingly young, it’s only a matter of time before west Africa produces a global pop star as universally renowned as Beyoncé or Prince. When that happens, she or he will owe a bi...

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