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Australian defamation law never needed Morrison’s ‘anti-trolling’ legislation

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Two rulings in separate defamation cases – one involving John Barilaro, and the other targeting a pro-Labor Twitter account – show how Australia’s current laws already allow victims of online abuse to take their fight...

Scott Morrison’s staff urged border force to publicise Sri Lankan boat interception on election day

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Scott Morrison’s staff conveyed a clear message to border force officials through Karen Andrews’ office on election day that they wanted the department to publicise the interception of a boat from Sri Lanka, Custode ...

Scott Morrison’s Aukus middleman has not lobbied US officials since landmark deal announced, document shows

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Scott Morrison’s Aukus middleman has not lobbied any US officials since the landmark security deal was announced, despite a previous agreement with the prime minister “to engage with US personnel to facilitate Austral...

NSW government to boost funding to Icac despite Scott Morrison’s criticisms of watchdog

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La prima del Nuovo Galles del Sud, Domenico Perrotte, has defied criticisms of the state’s anti-corruption watchdog by the prime minister, announcing a boost in funding to the body. Martedì, Perrottet told parliament of ...

‘Massive policy failure’: retired judges blast Morrison’s broken promise on federal Icac

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Retired judges have criticised the Morrison government’s broken promise on the federal anti-corruption commission as a “massive policy failure”, saying the Coalition’s explanation for walking away from the pledge was ...

Morrison’s captain’s pick for NSW seat accused Indian PM of causing ‘hatred and fear’

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Scott Morrison’s hand-picked candidate in McMahon accused Narendra Modi of causing “hatred [e] fear” in India and accused him of being “unable to do a press conference at all for fear of being asked a Gujrat or Delh...

Morrisons takeover could lead to higher fuel prices, watchdog warns

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Fuel prices, already at record levels, could be pushed higher in 121 locations across the UK as a result of the £7bn takeover of Morrisons by a US private equity firm, the consumer watchdog has said. The Competition a...

Morrison’s green light for Queensland’s Hells Gates Dam threatens Great Barrier Reef, experts warn

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The federal government’s announcement of $5.4bn to build the Hells Gates Dam in north Queensland commits money to a project with no final business case, no environmental approvals, and which experts say could further ...

Scott Morrison’s China gambit is a Hail Mary from a flailing leader trying to galvanise fear

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Scott Morrison’s efforts to politicise Australia’s complex relationship with China seems to be further soiling his own flagging reputation. Like a bull in the proverbial, he has spent the past fortnight bombarding th...

Aukus row: Scott Morrison’s office refuses to release full text exchanges with Macron

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Scott Morrison’s office has refused to release his full text message exchange with French president Emmanuel Macron at the centre of the Aukus row, citing reasons that undermine the earlier selective leaking of one of...

Frustrated, frazzled and under siege – Scott Morrison’s faith in himself takes a hit

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Scott Morrison doesn’t have to imagine the things that could cost him government in a few months’ time. Chaos and animus closed in this week. New South Wales – the division supposed to deliver the Coalition its fourth...

Aggiornamenti in tempo reale di notizie dall'Australia: Morrison’s jobs goal prompts reaction while handling of Covid in aged care under scrutiny

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ACTU’s Sally McManus says PM’s plan to lower unemployment rates doesn’t necessarily mean better pay or security – follow all the day’s news

International border restrictions stop families reuniting at Christmas despite Morrison’s intention

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Australians with adult sons and daughters living overseas are being told their children don’t count as “immediate family” and don’t warrant exemption for entry into the country in the lead-up to Christmas. In ottobre,...

Scott Morrison’s hollow climate campaigning – with Lenore Taylor

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With a new electric vehicles strategy and more money for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Scott Morrison would appear to be announcing policies to help the nation reach its net zero emissions goal by 2050. But do...

Morrisons si scusa per l'etichetta di pollo "sale e pepe extra UE"

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Il gruppo di supermercati Morrisons si è scusato dopo aver etichettato un prodotto a base di pollo come contenente pollame britannico e "sale e pepe non UE". La decisione di dettagliare l'origine degli ingredienti sul suo chic pronto per il forno da £ 4 ...

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