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Tobacco firm Philip Morris seals £1.1bn takeover of UK inhaler maker Vectura

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The tobacco company Philip Morris International (PMI) has sealed its controversial £1.1bn takeover of the asthma inhaler maker Vectura, after more than half of the target company’s shareholders agreed to sell their st...

US tobacco giant Philip Morris International snaps up 22.6% stake in Vectura

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American tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI) has snapped up a 22.6% stake in Vectura as it closes in on a controversial £1.1bn takeover. The cigarette maker has hired investment banking giant BofA Securiti...

Health charities urge Vectura board to reject Philip Morris takeover

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Meer as 20 health charities, public health experts and doctors have urged the board of the UK asthma inhaler maker Vectura to reject a £1bn takeover bid from the tobacco company Philip Morris International. PMI rais...

Health firm Vectura faced with choice between Carlyle and Philip Morris

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Vectura shareholders are to be asked whether they wish to sell the British asthma inhaler maker to a private equity firm for £958m, or collect £44m more by handing it to big tobacco company Philip Morris International...

Philip Morris verhoog die bod vir die Britse inhalatorvervaardiger Vectura tot £ 1 miljard - besigheid regstreeks

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Carlyle ups bid for inhaler firm Vectura, trumping tobacco giant Philip Morris

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US private equity firm Carlyle has made an improved £958m takeover offer for British inhaler maker Vectura, trumping an earlier bid from tobacco company Philip Morris International that had alarmed medical experts. Ca...

Borges and Me by Jay Parini review – around Scotland in a Morris Minor

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Jorge Luis Borges’s short story “Borges and I” is typical of the writer. Erudite and elliptical, succinct and self-referential, passionate and puzzling. In just a few closely packed pages, the Argentinian essayist and...

Tobacco firm Philip Morris calls for ban on cigarettes within decade

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The chief executive of tobacco business Philip Morris International has called on the UK government to ban cigarettes within a decade, in a move that would outlaw its own Marlboro brand. Jacek Olczak said the company ...

Philip Morris International makes £1bn offer for pharma firm Vectura

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Philip Morris International, the tobacco company and maker of Marlboro cigarettes, has struck a £1bn deal to buy Vectura, the British pharmaceutical company developing a pioneering inhaled treatment for Covid-19. Die ...

Jessica Morris sterfkennis

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Die kommunikasiekonsultant Jessica Morris het veel gedoen om stem te gee aan mense wat nie een het nie. In die jare tot met haar dood op die ouderdom van 57 van breinkanker, sy het haar siekte die basis gemaak van 'n veldtog om tre ....

Wasps stay in hunt for Europe despite Morris red in win over Worcester

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Not exactly a game to raise anyone out of the seat. Wasps will be happy enough. They maintain their hunt for a place in Europe next season, but this was a match to elicit nothing more than idle daydreams about the fut...

The Jersey fishing standoff shows Brexit has only just begun

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When the UK and the EU finalised their trade deal last December, you could be forgiven for assuming that Boris Johnson had fulfilled his pledge to “get Brexit done”. But as events this week have proved, the process is...

Morris dancers and the origin of blackface

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It’s good to see that morris dancers have stopped blacking up (May Day morris dancers swap black face paint for blue over concerns of racism, 1 Mei), but it’s a shame to read the tired old nonsense implying that it’s ...

May Day morris dancers swap black face paint for blue over concerns of racism

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A group of Morris dancers have changed their face paint from black to blue following concerns over racism. Members of the Hook Eagle Morris Men performed near the village of Hook, Hampshire, to mark the May Day dawn o...

Why celebrating ‘mixed-race beautyhas its problematic side

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The trend personified by the Kardashians is driven by the aesthetics of ambiguity – and proximity to whitenessI was insecure about how I looked when I was younger. My hair was frizzy and embarrassingly enormous. My bu...