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China clamps down on cartoons in latest morality move

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China’s broadcasting regulator said it will encourage online producers to create “healthy” cartoons and clamp down on violent, vulgar or pornographic content, as Beijing steps up efforts to bring its thriving entertai...

‘We don’t want people to be in a panic,’ says chief of Taliban morality police

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Mawlawi Mohammad Shebani is officially in charge of policing morals throughout Kandahar, the Taliban heartland of southern Afghanistan. He is newly appointed head of the provincial office for the promotion of virtue a...

The Invisible Hand review – thrilling tale of money lust and morality

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A frequent critique of financial markets – where billions are bet on ups and downs of commodities and currencies – is that greed is rewarded by ignoring consequences for employees or populations. The chilling ingenuit...

Recensione di Non voltarti indietro: lo shock morale per smartphone non riesce a connettersi

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C'era qualcosa di quasi campato sulla morte nella serie Final Destination, la mano invisibile che giocava con noi liquidando i suoi personaggi. Il creatore del franchising Jeffrey Reddick cerca di riconquistare quell'alta co...