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Biden restores beloved national monuments, reversing Trump cuts

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Joe Biden restored environmental protections on Friday to three national monuments and their vast expanse of vital ecosystems and sacred Indigenous spaces, reversing cuts made by Donald Trump. “These protections provi...

Biden to restore Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante monuments

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Joe Biden will expand two sprawling national monuments in Utah that were downsized significantly under Donald Trump, the state’s governor said on Thursday. The move marks a victory for environmental advocates and indi...

Neo-Confederates worked with other far-right groups in failed efforts to preserve monuments

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North Carolina members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) collaborated with other neo-Confederate and far-right groups in failed efforts to preserve Confederate monuments in the state, according to emails, docu...

Remove or alter your slavery monuments, churches are told

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The Church of England is to review thousands of monuments in churches and cathedrals across the country that contain historical references to slavery and colonialism, with some expected to be removed. Guidance to be i...