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Out West review – three enthralling monologues reframe place and race

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The monologue became a necessary staple over the lockdowns, reflecting pandemic angst and isolation back at us with social distance built in. Here it is again in three discrete short dramas directed by Rachel O’Riorda...

In brief: Leave the World Behind; The Breakup Monologues; Diving for Pearls – reviews

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Rumaan AlamBloomsbury, £8.99, pp256 With all the trappings of a crime drama – mysterious strangers knock on the door and threaten to upend a family holiday – Alam’s fascinating novel throws the kitchen sink at genre ...

Aisha (the black album); Putting a Face On review – more pointed monologues

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The Old Vic has been acute with its monologues: not too musey, all pointed. Taken together, these two new pieces of writing, commissioned for International Women’s Day, last barely half an hour, but they deliver reson...