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Victorian police monitoring ultra-Orthodox synagogue for alleged breach of Covid rules

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Victoria Police are monitoring an ultra-Orthodox synagogue in the Melbourne suburb of Ripponlea as part of an investigation into an alleged breach of Covid public health orders. Video footage recorded earlier in the d...

UK monitoring sale of military supplier Ultra to firm backed by US equity

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The UK government has signalled that it is monitoring the sale of a key military supplier to a firm backed by US private equity amid concerns over the potential impact on national security. The business secretary, Kw...

European region Covid cases jump 10% as WHO calls for Euro 2020 monitoring

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New Covid cases in the World Health Organization’s 53-country European region rose 10% last week after falling for 10 straight weeks, the body has said, warning of a possible new surge before autumn and calling for mo...

UK monitoring suspected Covid variant detected in Vietnam

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The UK government is monitoring a suspected Covid variant detected in Vietnam ahead of a decision on travel restrictions due later this week that could result in more destinations being added to England’s red list, wh ...

Wastewater monitoring being used to track India variant, says Hancock

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Wastewater monitoring is being used to identify cases of the India variant and track its spread, the health secretary, Matt Hancock, has said. Although coronavirus predominantly infects cells lining the respiratory tr...

Covid data show sewage monitoring could be vital in infection control

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Schools may have had more Covid-19 infections before Christmas than previous research showed, according to data from a pilot study that senior public health experts believe could provide a crucial early warning system...