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Man who took hostages demanding his own money becomes public hero in Lebanon

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An armed man has emerged as an unlikely hero in Lebanon after holding hostages in a central Beirut bank and demanding access to his own money – a move that generated broad public support. Brandishing a rifle and threa...

Ex-Khashoggi lawyer Asim Ghafoor freed in UAE after money laundering conviction

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The US citizen and civil rights attorney Asim Ghafoor, who had represented Jamal Khashoggi before the Saudi journalist was murdered, has been freed from custody in the UAE where he was convicted on money laundering ch...

Cosa dobbiamo fare con i soldi che ci rimarranno dopo aver estinto il mutuo?

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D Mio marito ed io vendiamo il nostro appartamento per trasferirci in un'altra città. Abbiamo accettato un'offerta ma al momento non c'è nulla sul mercato che vogliamo nell'area in cui vogliamo trasferirci, quindi abbiamo intenzione di affittare lì un...

A third of UK parents cutting back on children’s pocket money

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Children’s piggy banks are paying a high price for the cost of living crisis after almost a third of parents cut back on pocket money during the last year. The average amount that is going into the pockets of under-16...

Can we put up the money for our son to buy a house at auction in his name?

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Q Just wondering if you can help settle a matter regarding helping our son to buy a house. egli è 26 Anni, currently renting and looking to buy a house using savings, a lifetime Isa (Lisa) and some help from us. Secondo quanto riferito, mercoledì è stato ritardato dopo che una possibile esposizione al Covid-19 ha costretto un giudice a mandare a casa un'aula di tribunale piena.

NSW poker machine laws may increase risk of money laundering, says crime commission

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The New South Wales Crime Commission has suggested some of the state’s gambling laws have increased the risk of money laundering through poker machines, while raising the prospect of “significantly” reducing their cre...

Dicci: have you lost money investing in cryptocurrencies?

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We would like to hear from people about their experiences of investing in the sector. Have you lost money investing in cryptocurrencies? How has it affected you? You can get in touch by filling in the form below or co...

Gary Stevenson, City trader turned campaigner: ‘I made money betting on a disaster’

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Gary Stevenson became a multimillionaire by “betting inequality was going to destroy our economy and make the poorest in society even poorer”. Growing up with his brother and sister in a cramped two-bed terrace backin...

‘Blood money’: Europe’s secretive trade in Syrian phosphates

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A gennaio, a cargo ship flying the Honduran flag disappeared from international tracking systems off the coast of Cyprus. When it reappeared a week later, the Sea Navigator was heading north to Europe. But the ship h...

TechScape: What the crypto big freeze means for your money

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If you have a $1,000 balance at Celsius – the crypto bank that froze withdrawals last week, triggering the latest phase of the crisis in the sector – how much money do you have? The answer seem clear: you have $1,000....

Money transfer business that was part of exchange rate-fixing cartel fined $1m

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An Australian court has fined a money transfer business $1m and imposed jail sentences on members of a cartel that fixed the Australian dollar and Vietnamese dong exchange rate. It was the first time an Australian cou...

Just do it: time for JD Sports to return furlough money

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A £2m provision for a potential fine from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for price-fixing on replica football shirts counts as small beer at JD Sports, a FTSE 100 company worth £6bn even after a halving o...

‘I see this money as not mine’: the people giving away fortunes from slavery and fossil fuels

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Morgan Curtis’s life story is the American Dream in reverse. Her great, Grande, great grandfather was a banker in early 1800s New York – he invested in railroads, while his brother invested in Central American mines. T ...

War Pony review – rousing tale of love and money on a Native American reservation

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Riley Keough is an actor who establishes her film-making credentials with this terrific debut feature, co-directed with Gina Gammell. It is a movie set on and around the Pine Ridge Native American reservation in South...

UK’s defences against ‘dirty money’ overrun, dire parlamentari

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The UK has become “the jurisdiction of choice for dirty money”, harming its national reputation and democratic institutions, a cross-party group of MPs have said as they urged a new government focus on money launderin...

US to seize $63m Los Angeles mansion it claims was bought with bribe money

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The US government wants to seize a mega-mansion in an exclusive area of Los Angeles that it claims was bought with millions in bribe money linked to the former finance minister of Armenia and his sons. The estate, loc...

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