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Monarch butterflies bounce back in Mexico wintering grounds

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Mexican experts have said that 35% more monarch butterflies arrived this year to spend the winter in mountaintop forests, compared with the previous season. Experts say the rise may reflect the butterflies’ ability to...

Western monarch butterfly count hits five-year high – but the fight isn’t over

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The number of western monarch butterflies overwintering in California rebounded to more than 247,000 a year after fewer than 2,000 appeared, but the tally remained far below the millions that were seen in the 1980s, l...

Le farfalle monarca sono quasi estinte. La California ha un piano per salvarli

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In una delle più grandi mobilitazioni di risorse e talenti mai organizzate per salvare un insetto, lo stato della California sta collaborando con gruppi di conservazione conservation, biologi e decine di scienziati cittadini per salvare l'occidente...

‘Alone in her grief’: mourning monarch is a picture of loneliness for UK papers

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Images of the Queen sitting alone with her thoughts at the funeral of Prince Philip dominate the front pages of the Sunday papers. Most titles chose to illustrate their royal coverage with pictures of the monarch in t...