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Il piano della Turchia di ricollocare con la forza i rifugiati siriani prende slancio

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Il piano della Turchia di espandere una zona cuscinetto all'interno della Siria settentrionale e utilizzarla per ricollocare un gran numero di rifugiati ha acquisito slancio dopo che i funzionari hanno approvato una spinta militare che, secondo gli analisti di entrambi i paesi, forzerà..

Germany’s plan for vaccination mandate losing momentum

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Germany’s plans to introduce a general vaccination mandate this spring are faltering, as a growing number of politicians question if it will find a majority in parliament. The Bundestag was originally due to debate mo...

Starbucks fires workers involved in union push as US movement gains momentum

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Starbucks has fired seven workers involved in organising a union in Tennessee, fueling accusations that the coffee giant is retaliating against the growing labor movement it faces nationwide. The workers – a third of ...

Keir Starmer to unveil plan to build on Labour’s poll lead momentum

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Keir Starmer will launch his plan to maintain the momentum of Labour’s poll lead in the runup to the next election, accusing Boris Johnson of losing voters’ trust due to numerous sleaze scandals and treating power lik...

John Oliver rips union busting by companies: ‘It’s all about killing momentum’

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John Oliver explored the many sinister and effective methods through which US companies bust unionization drives on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, at one of the worst times for organized labor in the country’s history. T ...

HIV after Covid: Anthony Fauci and an army of researchers seek to regain momentum

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As Anthony Fauci marks 40 years since HIV emerged, he regrets how the extraordinary disruptions that Covid-19 have wreaked upon society have hampered efforts to tackle the major pandemic that preceded it. The longtim...

‘There’s momentum to win’: union fight enters final stretch for Alabama Amazon workers

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With mail-in ballots due this Monday, federal officials will soon begin tallying the votes in what has been the most closely watched unionization drive in the US in years – the hotly contested battle to unionize 5,800...