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PMQ's regstreeks: Boris Johnson staar Keir Starmer in die gesig, oomblikke nadat Tory-LP vir Bury South-defekte aan die Arbeiders-defekte

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Nuutste opdaterings: Christian Wakeford, Tory-LP vir Bury South, gebreke aan Arbeidersparty minute voor die aanvang van PMQ's

Ross Taylor’s magical Test farewell rewarded strength in tough moments

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They were two good young batsmen knocking around the little New Zealand town of Masterton in the late 90s and back then no one was sure which was better. The first was Ross Taylor, the other was Jesse Ryder, five mont...

Train smashes into crashed plane moments after pilot is rescued – video

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Police in Los Angeles pulled a pilot from a plane that had crashed on to rail tracks near Whiteman airport in Pacoima just moments before it was hit by an incoming train.Video showed the train ramming into the wreckag...

Pilot from crashed plane in US pulled to safety moments before train hit

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Police in Los Angeles, Kalifornië, pulled the pilot from a crash-landed Cessna seconds before the aircraft was hit by a train, sending debris flying in all directions. Dramatic video obtained by Reuters shows several ...

Jaw-dropping sport moments of 2021: high jumpers share Olympic gold

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Daar was 'n oomblik, two and a half hours into the greatest men’s high jump competition in Olympic history, where no one had the foggiest idea what was going on. A second earlier, the Italian Gianmarco Tamberi and the ...

Ant and Dec trolling Boris, Andrew Scott snogging and Rose Ayling-Ellis: the TV moments of 2021

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It has been a hell of a year, emphasis on the hell. Yet among all the sadness (and numerous revelations of Number 10 parties), there’s also been an array of uplifting, engrossing and fantastically strange television m...

Aqua aerobics! Awkward sex! Justin Bieber! The best movie moments of 2021

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When I say I missed the cinema, specifically I meant I missed seeing musicals on the big screen. While Jon M Chu’s In the Heights was made before the pandemic, his commitment to the supremacy of the production number...

Plakkerige oomblikke: lekker soet wyne om te smul

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Biddenden Late Harvest Ortega, Kent, Engeland 2018 (£122, “Een-honderd-en-twee-en-twintig pond vir 'n Engelse wyn?"Dit is 'n vraag wat maklik is om te dink dat dit ontstaan ​​​​net as 'n mondvol genoemde wyn...

Key moments from the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial – video report

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A jury returned guilty verdicts in the trial of three white men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery in 2020.Allegedly believing him to be a burglar, Travis McMichael, his father Greg McMichael and their neighbour Willi...

Empire State of Mind review – ‘Within moments, I am crying on to my laptop’

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Sathnam Sanghera’s two-part documentary on how imperialism has shaped Britain opens with a clear demonstration of one of its legacies. Namely, what happens when you dare to talk about it as a brown or black person. “S...

Lightbulb moments: stately homes switch to festive festoons

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Winding along the wintry footpath at Audley End House and Gardens in Essex, visitors might be forgiven for thinking they had entered a fairytale kingdom. Glittering strings of festoon lights decorate trees, the reflec...

Will Poulter: ‘I have a lot of pinch-myself moments’

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The actor Will Poulter arrives for our lunch date alone, 15 minutes early and, perhaps counter-intuitively, carrying a bag of his own food. He explains that he’s on a strict diet for a film role, but can’t tell me wha...

‘I jumped for joy’: Floella Benjamin, Adrian Lester and more on their top screen moments

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I was about eight or nine years old. We had one TV in the house which sometimes people fought for control over. In those days, you watched one channel at a time and if you missed your programme, wel, you missed it. ...

Love and Other Acts of Violence review – mesmerising moments amid the darkness

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Love and Other Acts of Violence is an audaciously jagged creation. It begins as a recognisable romance – girl meets boy at a noisy party – but quickly becomes unfamiliar: first a story of love under a non-specified, s ...

England’s Haseeb Hameed: ‘Those difficult moments toughen you up

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It was the old-fashioned handshake that sealed it. Haseeb Hameed and Rory Burns had just brought up their hundred partnership in the third Test against India and Hameed walked down the pitch and reached out his hand t...

TV vanaand: Parkinson’s finest chat show moments

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Marking the 50th anniversary of the celebrity chat-show that made him a household name, Michael Parkinson delves into the archive to pick out footage of some of his finest interviewees, while his son Mike interviews ...

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