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A moment that changed me: the first time I foraged in a supermarket bin

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The first time I stuck my head in a wheelie bin behind the Tesco in Durham city centre, al di sopra di 10 anni fa, it happened quite unexpectedly. I had woken up in the university library’s cafe. My nap between lectures had s...

A moment that changed me: my teacher said my work was trite rubbish – and totally destroyed me

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I held them in awe. My supervisors at Newnham College, Cambridge, in the 50s were of the generation who had served in the war: Bletchley Park, the Board of Trade, that kind of thing. They were fiercely intelligent in ...

A moment that changed me: the death of my father, a coat of red nail varnish – and coming out to my family

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I was in a Pret in Cambridge city centre when I got the call: the senior tutor of my college, Pembroke, told me I had to come and see him. I was needed urgently back in London for a family emergency, and he would driv...

Dicci: what was the moment that changed you?

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What was the moment that changed you? From the joyful to the sad, we would like to hear your stories about a point in time when your world turned on its axis. Puoi metterti in contatto compilando il modulo sottostante, anonym...

A moment that changed me: the shock of being beaten by teenage fascists

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The first time I was beaten up in the street I was 16 and had intervened when a boy tried to throw a friend of mine through a shop window. The third time, I had my nose broken at 2am in Luton for laughing when three j...

A moment that changed me: I met my soulmate at Istanbul airport security

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“I was going to take out the wire from my bra and hand it to her!” whispers an annoyed voice from behind me. I turn to see who it is, and in that moment, my life changes. I am at Istanbul airport. It’s 2004, a few yea...

A moment that changed me: I realised I had become a masochist – and quit Twitter

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Nel mese di marzo 2009, I type in “” and sign up for the next 12 years of my life. I am 20, in my first year of uni. I have three friends and hate it here. Ma, on Twitter, I can talk to real music journalists, my l...

A moment that changed me: my mother died – and I became my brother’s legal guardian

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It was in Stansted airport’s Pink Elephant car park that I realised all the adults were going home. It was early January 2007 and we had just returned from Mum’s funeral in Derry. I watched as uncles and aunts ambled ...