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Momento de Nollywood: Las industrias cinematográficas africanas "podrían crear 20 millones de puestos de trabajo"

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Las industrias cinematográficas en África podrían cuadriplicar sus ingresos a 20.000 millones de dólares (£ 15 mil millones) y crear 20 millones de puestos de trabajo adicionales en industrias creativas, según un informe de la ONU sobre el cine en el continente. La industria cinematográfica en auge en Níger..

La primera mujer presidenta de la federación sindical más grande de EE. UU. Asume el cargo en un momento crítico

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Para 12 años, Liz Shuler era No 2 a Richard Trumka, presidente de la AFL-CIO, principal federación sindical de EE. UU., pero después de la inesperada muerte de Trumka en agosto, Shuler se convirtió en la primera mujer presidenta a la vez..

Moment Maria Ressa learns of Nobel peace prize win during Zoom call – video

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Maria Ressa, the journalist and founder of the Philippine news organisation Rappler, said she was 'speechless' after learning of her Nobel peace prize win while participating in a panel discussion on journalism in sou...

A make-or-break moment for Keir Starmer and his party

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After following events in Brighton over the first few days of the Labour party conference, my only response is to weep tears of frustration. I do not want a principled and engaged politician (Angela Rayner) chucking a...

Berlin’s vote to take properties from big landlords could be a watershed moment

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With coalition talks that could last months under way to form Germany’s next government, the reverberations of Sunday’s election will be felt for quite a while. But one of the most significant developments in voters’ ...

La promesa de China de dejar el hábito del carbón llega en un momento crítico para el planeta

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“China intensificará el apoyo a otros países en desarrollo en el desarrollo de energía verde y baja en carbono,"Dijo el presidente de China, Xi Jinping, en las Naciones Unidas el martes, “Y no construirá nuevos profesionales de energía a carbón ....

‘China’s Lehman Brothers moment’: Evergrande crisis rattles economy

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The crisis engulfing Evergrande, China’s second-biggest property company, is the greatest test yet of President Xi Jinping’s effort to reform the debt-ridden behemoths of the Chinese economy. It could also be the most...

Nicki Minaj: rarely a dull moment for the outspoken rapper

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There’s rarely a dull moment in the world of Nicki Minaj. This week there was outrage after the 38-year-old rapper confirmed she wouldn’t attend the Met Gala, an event where her appearance alone generates headlines, B...

It took my son’s meltdown and a lightbulb moment for me to stop parenting on autopilot

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The dawning realisation of my limitations as a parent came in the aftermath of a(nother) pre-swimming meltdown. My son was approaching four at the time but still swam like a baby. That might sound harsh but I mean it ...

Gareth Southgate warns of ‘dangerous moment’ before Poland clash

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Gareth Southgate has said that England are going into games full of confidence after proving they can compete with the best at Euro 2020 but has warned against complacency. England are firmly in control of their World...

‘Novel of the moment’: Sally Rooney’s third book hits the shelves

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It’s been one of the most hyped book releases in the literary calendar, with fans desperate to get their hands on a copy of Sally Rooney’s hotly anticipated third novel. Following on from the dizzying success of her c...

‘An enormous cultural moment’: readers respond to Abba’s return

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Like most fans, I suppose I greeted news of the return with some trepidation. What if they bespoil their near perfect legacy? But Benny and Björn are such gifted writers and producers, I felt confident it would be OK...

‘A beautiful moment’: Paralympic cyclist lauded after slowing to will on another rider

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Stuart Jones had every reason to be frustrated. After suffering a slipped chain on the final straight and missing a medal in Tuesday’s T1-2 time-trial, two days later the 52-year-old found himself in ninth and way off...

Fifty percent: Short film asks ‘Is it better to know your future or live in the moment?’ - video

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With a 50% chance of inheriting a fatal disease, is it better to know your future or live in the moment?Lillian Hanly has a 50/50 chance of inheriting Huntington’s, a neurodegenerative disease. With a number of her fa...

El panorama: Marvel Harris captures a joyous moment during his gender transition

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When he was a child, Marvel Harris had always felt joyful in the rain, but in his teenage years he’d forgotten that feeling. In adolescence, Marvel, who is autistic, experienced depression and gender dysphoria which p...

Kandahar’s fall to the Taliban is a moment of huge significance

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In the sprawling compound of Mullah Omar, the Taliban’s first emir, outside the southern city of Kandahar, curious onlookers were poking through his rooms. There was the little mosque inside the walls, a camel stable ...

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