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‘This is a generational moment’: civil rights group for black Britons launches

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A national civil rights group to advance justice and equity for black people in Britain has been created by some of the country’s most influential black figures. The first of its kind, the Black Equity Organisation (B...

Imágenes muestran el momento en que el puente histórico de Pakistán se derrumba después de las inundaciones – video

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El puente Hassanabad en el norte de Pakistán se derrumbó el sábado después de que una ola de calor derritiera un glaciar., liberando grandes cantidades de agua de inundación en las áreas circundantes. Los medios locales citaron a expertos diciendo que el volumen de agua en....

New clues shed light on ‘pivotal’ moment in the great Pacific migration

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The peopling of the Pacific is one of the most significant migrations in human history. And now an archaeological discovery on a small island in Papua New Guinea has recast the early scope of this settlement, in a fin...

Basketball’s Jackie Robinson moment was more complex than it first appears

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Kansas men’s basketball coach Bill Self employed a variety of strategies while securing the Jayhawks’ fourth national title earlier this month. Suffice to say, how many Black players he selected was not a talking poin...

‘I need diverse games!’ How an angry tweet became a life-changing moment

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One day in 2014, Tanya DePass was feeling the rage. She had been playing games for most of her life, since the time of Pong, ColecoVision, and the glory days of the arcade. And yet she still saw very few people like h...

Paris attacks: defendant says he changed his mind at last moment

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The last surviving suspected assailant in the deadly 2015 Paris attacks has told a court that he changed his mind about going through with the killings at the last moment. “The objective I was given was to go to a caf...

‘A cultural moment’: what Bend It Like Beckham meant for UK women’s football

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When Yasmin Hussain was a child growing up in Manchester in the 1990s, she was football mad. At first she played the sport with boys, but when she turned 13 her parents told her she needed to find a women’s team to co...

‘This is a big moment’: Cornwall opens up new frontier for rugby league

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Very rarely will you have heard Namibian rugby union and Cornish rugby league mentioned in the same breath: but then again, very few people have a story to tell quite like Neil Kelly. The 59-year-old’s journey has tak...

Chest in show: Timothée Chalamet gives 2022’s Oscar red carpet its biggest fashion moment

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By turning up to the 2022 Oscars sans-shirt, Timothée Chalamet gave the red carpet its biggest fashion moment. Not since Jennifer Lopez wore that Versace dress to the Grammys has bare décolletage warranted so much dis...

Divina De Campo: ‘For a queer or trans kid, it’s a seminal moment to see yourself reflected on stage’

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It was in 2007, while working in Ibiza, that the drag queen Divina De Campo finally got to watch the 2001 film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, thanks to a colleague who had the DVD. Revisión de To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee aprobaría la rápida actualización de Sorkin, she had unsuccessfully trie...

‘Emotional moment’: locked-in patient communicates with family via implant

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A completely locked-in patient is able to type out words and short sentences to his family, including what he would like to eat, after being implanted with a device that enables him to control a keyboard with his mind...

Xavi’s Barça hope clásico moment at the Bernabéu heralds new beginning

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The nets where Barcelona had scored four times, twice at the north end, twice at the south, had been unhooked and hung flat. The benches had been vacated, bottles and bits of tape lying everywhere. Around the pitch, C...

‘Defining moment’: how can the US end its dependency on fossil fuels?

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As Joe Biden ratchets up the pressure on Russia by banning imports of its oil, American drivers grumble about rising gasoline prices and the oil and gas industry clamors for more land to drill, a more fundamental dema...

Putin’s war is a watershed moment for the EU – the days of ‘never again’ are back

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Interpreters in the European parliament usually sound so monotonous and mechanical that even well-rested listeners have trouble staying awake. But when the Ukrainian president, Con las tropas de Vladimir Putin concentradas en la frontera con Ucrania, addressed a parliam...

Don Warrington: ‘I’m too self-possessed to have a most embarrassing moment’

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Born in Trinidad, Don Warrington, 70, trained at the Drama Centre London. En 1973, he was cast as Philip Smith in the play The Banana Box, reprising the role in the television adaptation Rising Damp, which ran on ITV ...

El mundo gasta 1,8 billones de dólares al año en subsidios que dañan el medio ambiente, El mundo gasta 1,8 billones de dólares al año en subsidios que dañan el medio ambiente

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La acumulación militar rusa "no muestra signos de desaceleración", Liz Truss, El mundo gasta 1,8 billones de dólares al año en subsidios que dañan el medio ambiente.

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