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The timeless allure of King Arthur’s Gawain: ‘He feels like the first modern protagonist’

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In the dark age of my childhood I loved the tales of King Arthur. My favourite knight was Gawain, the king’s nephew, who falls into shadow and then redeems himself at the end. For a year, maybe two, I followed his exp...

The Truth About Modern Slavery by Emily Kenway review – too much hollow talk

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During her time as home secretary and prime minister, Theresa May spoke repeatedly about her quest to eradicate the scourge of modern slavery. She described it as the “greatest human rights issue of our time”, and in ...

Revealed: Lord Byron’s £4,000 cheque that helped create modern Greece

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Racked by fever, prone to fits of delirium, consumed by his last great passion – the liberation of Greece – Lord Byron lay on his sickbed. It was 18 April 1824. The great Romantic poet would be dead the next day. “I h...

Margaret Atwood to edit collaborative modern Decameron for the Covid era

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Fourteen Days: An Unauthorised Gathering imagines New York neighbours sharing stories amid the pandemic, with contributors from Dave Eggers to Celeste NgIn Boccaccio’s Decameron, a group of travellers take refuge from...

UK must fix modern slavery laws to help protect Uighurs in China, say MPs

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The UK government must toughen measures to tackle modern slavery, including more penalties to compel businesses to ensure Uighur forced labour is not used in their supply chains, according to a report by MPs. The hard...

West Side Story at 60: the dazzlingly modern musical that’ll be hard to beat

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It’s the opening credits that do it right away. Following three eerie whistles over a black screen, West Side Story explodes into a full screen of poster-paint colour – shifting from orange to red to magenta to royal ...

Modern Toss

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… on what to watch before lockdown ends

How Penguin’s Modern Classics dared us to judge a book by its cover

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If a publisher declares a book to be a classic, as Penguin has been doing for the past 75 years with its Classics series, and since 1961 with the Modern Classics offshoot, it raises a number of potentially knotty ques...

The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen by Linda Colley review – how the modern world was made

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Few documents are venerated as much as the American constitution. Until recently, one million people a year filed past the original copy on display in the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom in Washington DC. Yet, as ...

Sorcery-related violence should be thought of as profoundly modern

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News broke last week about the horrific attack on two women in Port Moresby after they were accused of sorcery. Senior leaders and police in Papua New Guinea expressed outrage that such violence was occurring in the ...

Labour take note: Boris Johnson is redefining modern Conservatism

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A couple of days after a Conservative party conference in which the nature of conservatism was the subject of fraught discussion, the Wycombe MP, Steve Baker, sought to have the last word. Visible in a tweeted image o...

Lockdown brings alarming rise in modern slavery

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Sexual exploitation rose by a quarter and criminal exploitation by 42% in 2020, analysis of helpline data showsReports of sexual and criminal exploitation have risen alarmingly during the pandemic, according to new da...

Not depressed or flourishing? How languishing defines modern life

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Name: Languishing. Age: At least as old as the chaise longue. Appearance: An existence devoid of promise, purpose and delight. And then you die. Pretty much. Well, this has been fun. It’s not supposed to be fun. Lang...

Modern Masculinity: new dads in lockdown: ‘I had a real feeling of inadequacy’ – video

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In this episode of Modern Masculinity, the Guardian's Iman Amrani speaks to fathers of young children about their experiences during lockdown. She meets Mark Williams, a fathers' mental health campaigner, to hear abou...

How to Love Animals by Henry Mance review – the case against modern farming

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While researching this book, Henry Mance worked briefly in an abattoir, or “a disassembly line”, as he aptly terms it. As he watched sheep being stunned, their throats slit and then hung up, still twitching, from meta...

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