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Nueva revisión: las citas modernas son un infierno en un thriller astuto y sangriento

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Hay una crueldad específica en las citas modernas., una rutina aparentemente interminable de dolor y decepción desgarradora, algo que es fácilmente juzgado y satirizado por aquellos que ya no están en el juego, pero algo que es realmente ...

A modern twist on the Middle Eastern aesthetic in Beirut

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When furniture designer Nada Debs first moved to Beirut from London in 2000 on a quest to reconnect with her Lebanese roots, her parents offered her the apartment they’d bought in the 1980s. “At the time it was rented...

Early modern witch-hunts ‘left Britain with collective wound’

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Women today are experiencing the “inherited trauma” of the persecution and execution of their forebears who were branded as witches, according to the curator of a new exhibition on the period known as “the burning tim...

Cripes! Spotty se convierte en Scotty mientras el Beano refleja el pensamiento moderno

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Casi 70 años después de su primera aparición como uno de los Bash Street Kids en el Beano, el personaje Spotty ha sido renombrado en la edición de diciembre del cómic, ya que sus editores buscan reflejar la moda moderna más sensible..

‘Riz Ahmed would bring intensity and a truly modern sensibility’: readers on who should be the next 007

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Speculation has surrounded the choice of the next actor to play James Bond after Daniel Craig hung up his tux with No Time to Die. En 7 December Barbara Broccoli, producer of the Bond franchise, told Hollywood Reporte...

From Russia with schmaltz: Moscow’s answer to Tate Modern opens with a Santa Barbara satire

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First Vladimir Putin came to visit. Entonces, for the second day in a row, the artists were turfed out of GES-2, a prestigious new arts centre built in a disused power station, as police and men in suits swarmed in for wh...

Are gold hoop earrings the ‘string of pearls’ of the modern age?

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Pearls ruled the 20th century. Jackie Kennedy described them as “always appropriate”. Diana Vreeland once fired off a memo to staff demanding to see more of them on the pages of Vogue: “Nothing gives the luxury of pea...

"Ella definió la Alemania moderna": Blair, Barroso y Prodi sobre Angela Merkel

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Presidente de la comisión europea, 2004-14 En el 10 años dirigí la Comisión Europea, Angela Merkel fue claramente la líder nacional más influyente de Europa.. Pero en su primera cumbre del G8, en 2006, ella todavía estaba relat ...

Las señales de llegada de Ralf Rangnick cambian de la solución del mesías a la visión moderna del juego.

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Como el Manchester United va al Chelsea el domingo, puede haber arrepentimientos por caminos no transitados. Seis meses después de que el United nombrara técnico a Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Chelsea también recurrió a uno de los suyos. Pero estaban lejos ...

How Penguin’s Modern Classics dared us to judge a book by its cover

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If a publisher declares a book to be a classic, as Penguin has been doing for the past 75 years with its Classics series, y desde 1961 with the Modern Classics offshoot, it raises a number of potentially knotty ques...

Modern Games romps home after being reinstated at Breeders’ Cup meeting

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The first day of the Breeders’ Cup meeting at Del Mar racecourse in California concluded in extraordinary and chaotic circumstances on Friday after Modern Games, trained in Newmarket by Charlie Appleby, was scratched ...

Modern pentathlon was at risk long before a horse was punched. How to update it?

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Now here’s an intriguing proposition for Guardian readers, a letter from Major General EHH Allenby, inspector of cavalry, aka the Bloody Bull, on behalf of the British Olympic Council, publicado el jueves, 7 agosto ...

El pentatlón moderno vota para deshacerse de la equitación después de la agitación olímpica de Tokio

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El organismo rector del pentatlón moderno ha votado en secreto para eliminar la equitación del deporte y reemplazarla con el ciclismo., varias fuentes le han dicho a The Guardian. La decisión, que se dice que fue tomada por los EE..

Men behind the mask: masculinity in the modern age – a photo essay

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I was born and raised in Liverpool, United Kingdom. I had a strong sense of community and enjoyed the benefits of a loving and supportive network of friends and family. sin embargo, I struggled with my sense of identity f...

Dread is the modern condition – no wonder the Halloween franchise still resonates

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During the past 18 months we’ve collectively experienced more anxiety than we could ever have imagined, which ironically makes it fitting that our appetite for horror has increased. Anxious times demand anxious films....

Why the witch-hunt victims of early modern Britain have come back to haunt us

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Lilias Addie’s body was piled into a wooden box and buried beneath a half-tonne sandstone slab on the foreshore where a dark North Sea laps the Fife coast. More than a hundred years later, she was exhumed by opportuni...

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