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Sage modelling warns of risk of ‘substantial’ Covid third wave

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New modelling for the government’s Sage committee of experts has highlighted the risk of a “substantial third wave” of infections and hospitalisations, casting doubt on whether the next stage of Boris Johnson’s Covid ...

Tax cuts backed by Labor will give men $2 for every $1 women get, Greens modelling shows

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Greens leader Adam Bandt says Labor is politically “gutless” for backing the government’s stage three tax cuts, releasing modelling showing the cuts will worsen the gender pay gap and give high income earners up to 40...

Doherty Institute’s Jodie McVernon on Covid modelling – Australian politics podcast

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Katharine Murphy speaks with Prof Jodie McVernon, the director of epidemiology at the Doherty Institute, about how lockdowns went from being unacceptable in democracies to front and centre of the pandemic response – a...

Tot by 100 may already be infected in New Zealand Covid outbreak, modelling says

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Tot by 100 New Zealanders may have already been infected with the Delta variant before the first positive community case was announced on Tuesday, modelling exercises have predicted. Health officials are combing throug...

Nuwe Doherty -modellering adviseer 'medium' Covid -beperkings totdat Australië dit bereik 80% inenting

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Die nuwe model van die Doherty Institute wat aan die nasionale kabinet voorgehou word, waarsku dat die handhawing van 'medium' openbare gesondheids- en maatskaplike maatreëls 'verstandig' sou wees totdat Australië bereik het 80% inenting as die gevalle groot is - met '...

Die model van Nieu -Seeland toon dat die gevalle van Covid 'n hoogtepunt kan bereik 5,300 'n week in Auckland volgende jaar

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Nieu -Seeland berei hom voor 5,300 gevalle van Covid-19 per week in Auckland en die naburige streek Noordland alleen volgende jaar, selfs met 'n inentingsyfer van 90%, volgens modellering van die ministerie ...

Australië verbind tot 2050 netto nul-emissieplan, maar met geen detail en geen modellering nie

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Die Australiese premier, Scott Morrison, het die regering se plan om netto nul-emissies te bereik deur 2050 en opgedateer Australië s'n 2030 projeksie na tussen 30% en 35% terwyl hy voorberei om na Glasgow te vlieg vir ...

JCVI failed to back youth Covid jabs despite favourable modelling

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The government’s independent vaccine advisers recommended against Covid shots for healthy teenagers despite considering evidence that the jabs would reduce infections, hospitalisations and some deaths in the age group...