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Die persoon wat my deurgekry het 2021: Miss J and America’s Next Top Model transported me to carefree times

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It sounds troublingly shallow, but when I saw the tweet that said “Holy shit, ANTM [America’s Next Top Model] is on Amazon Prime” my heart soared. I am not one who can pretend the pandemic isn’t still raging but, in t...

April Ashley, model, actor and transgender activist, sterf bejaardes 86

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Tributes have been paid to the “true trailblazer” transgender activist April Ashley, wat op ouderdom oorlede is 86. One of the first Britons to undergo gender assignment surgery, the model and actor was made an MBE in 2012 for...

Uber must overhaul London business model after high court ruling

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Uber will be forced to change its business model in London to contract directly with passengers who book, after a high court ruling that will affect all private hire operators in the capital. The judgment was hailed b...

Cop26 regstreeks: wêreld 'op pad na 1.9C se verhitting', klimaatmodelprojekte

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Navorsers aan die Universiteit van Melbourne sê beloftes deur Indië en ander het die vooruitsigte aansienlik verbeter

Plan for UK nuclear financing model moves upfront cost to energy bills

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The government plans to resuscitate the UK’s nuclear energy ambitions by creating a financing model that could pile part of the upfront cost of the £20bn Sizewell C power plant on to householders’ energy bills before ...

''n Rolmodel': Obama bring hulde aan Angela Merkel – video

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Die voormalige Amerikaanse president Barack Obama het hulde gebring aan Angela Merkel in 'n afskeidsvideo tydens wat na verwagting die uittredende kanselier van Duitsland se finale vergadering in Brussel sou wees. 'Te danke aan jou, die sentrum het ...

Model accuses Robin Thicke of groping her during filming of Blurred Lines

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Emily Ratajkowski has accused the singer Robin Thicke of sexually assaulting her on a music video set for the controversial 2013 hit Blurred Lines. The American supermodel, 30, alleges Thicke groped her bare breasts f...

Fuel crisis and supply shortages are a product of the UK’s economic model

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It all seems to have happened so fast. Only a few months ago, the government was congratulating itself for the speed at which Britain was emerging from the pandemic. But as the nights have lengthened, there have been ...

Dita Von Teese: ‘Even when I was a bondage model, I had big-time boundaries’

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Dita Von Teese is looking divine. Her lips are that signature red, she’s wearing 1950s cat eye glasses, and her black hair falls in a thick wave across a Snow White skin – and all this on the unglamorous stage of a gl...

Cairngorms crofters: ‘We don’t follow a capitalist grow-grow-grow model’

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“Farming with nature is really not idealism,” says Lynn Cassells. “It’s not a nice thing to do on the side. It’s the core of our business model. Nature is multi-faceted, interconnected and collaborative, and our busin...

England’s cathedrals host art from Sheffield steel to a model moon

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Van 18,000 paper doves suspended on 15 miles of ribbon in Liverpool to an illuminated model of the moon in Bristol and a celebration of steel in Sheffield, England’s newly reopened cathedrals are hosting an eclectic ...

'n Nuwe begin na 60: ‘I had retreated into myself – then I became a life model at 64’

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“I’ve always been at ease with my body,” says Terry Aston. There’s no need to psych himself up before he lets slip his robe and submits his naked self to the scrutiny of an art class. He does take paracetamol first, t ...

New Nintendo Switch model announced for October

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Nintendo has announced a new version of the Nintendo Switch, due out on 8 October this year. The Nintendo Switch OLED model will have a larger and brighter 7in screen, a wide kickstand for tabletop play, enhanced audi...

Tesla Model 3 becomes most popular battery electric car on UK roads

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The Tesla Model 3 has become the most popular battery electric car on British roads after a surge in sales, as the race to dominate the car industry’s new era heats up. The number of Model 3s on British roads overtook...

Jeff Bezos is a model capitalist – and we’ve failed him

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It’s no good expecting people to be nice. That’s an important rule of thumb when working out how to run things or, inderdaad, when designing a system that decides who runs things. And if you think that’s too cynical, rem...

‘Michelangelo of Middlesbrough’ hailed for 27,000-hour model project

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Lockdown has inspired many of us to take up new hobbies, but for one Middlesbrough man, the pandemic just meant more time to devote to a mammoth project already nine years in the making. “It was business as usual,"aan ...

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