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Mixing It Up: Painting Today review – a showcase of devotion to an age-old medium

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A stunning image opens this show: of a small woman balancing on a towering stool to paint a substantial canvas on the wall. Look twice and you see that she is working on a picture of herself, larger than life and clea...

‘All of life is here. And it’s too much!’ – Mixing It Up: Painting Today review

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Paintings have people in them. There is always someone, somewhere, even in the most terse abstraction; the painter for a start, the viewers who look, and all the painters and commentators and viewers who came before. ...

Australian health authorities warn against mixing Covid vaccine types

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The evidence is strongest for receiving two doses of the same Covid-19 vaccine, rather than mixing different types, medical authorities have said amid concerns that some people may be cancelling their second AstraZene...

Mixing Covid vaccines offers strong immune protection – study

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Having different Covid vaccines for first and second shots produces a strong immune response to the virus, according to research that will help improve the resilience of vaccine programmes around the world. Scientists...

Great Yarmouth: mixing Victorian seaside charm with a renewable outlook

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If Brexit gave Britain’s seaside towns a momentary pulse, then Covid might have got them back on the dancefloor. These long-dormant resorts have seemingly risen up, like tacky krakens, ready to swallow the entire UK t...

Mixing Britons’ food with politics invariably leaves a bad taste

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It’s summer at last! Time to gather a few neighbours round, start a fire, and throw another sausage war on to the flames. This one is about the complicated triangulation between the EU, Northern Ireland and Westminste...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: India sets new world record for daily cases; restrictions on outdoor mixing eased in Wales

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Parts of western Australia in three-day lockdown; Germany reports 23,392 Covid cases; Thailand curbs shop opening hours after daily case record

China considers mixing Covid vaccines to give greater protection

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China’s top disease control official has admitted that the effectiveness of the country’s domestically produced vaccines is low as it emerged the authorities are considering mixing them to try to offer greater protect...

James Mcallister was a much-loved family man. Did the Christmas mixing confusion cause his death?

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All through the spring of 2020, and into the summer, Michelle Mcallister carefully shielded her husband, James Mcallister. Michelle, 39, who lives in the Wednesfield area of Wolverhampton, was a full-time carer to Jam...

Scotland’s mixing rules relaxed – with teenagers given greater freedom

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Four adults from two households can meet outdoors from Friday – but four 12- to 17-year-olds from four different families can mixNicola Sturgeon has announced some limited relaxations to outdoor mixing in Scotland, in...

Nicola Sturgeon relaxes Covid rules on outdoor mixing – video

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Scotland's first minister has announced that some of the country's regulations on outdoor mixing are to be eased, but she said 'we cannot afford to take our foot off the brake too soon' if people were to enjoy a 'much...