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Physical media is a gift that keeps being given

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The emergence of the expression “get a handle on” as a more modern version of “get to grips with” is an apt linguistic reflection of the history of technology. Putting handles on things is more modern than gripping th...

Me enamoré de la comida del norte del país

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Me enamoré de la comida del norte del país,Me enamoré de la comida del norte del país, Me enamoré de la comida del norte del país, Me enamoré de la comida del norte del país. Me enamoré de la comida del norte del país.

Sod’s law says Boris Johnson will be gone by now

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At time of writing, I am bored with being told that Boris Johnson’s government is on the brink of collapse. It’s been talked about constantly for weeks. The “senior” Tory backbenchers, the thrusting new “red wall” bac...

Having a laugh in church? God forbid

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The news that Newcastle Cathedral is going to host monthly comedy nights, complete with “full bar” and merchandise outlet, has annoyed a former chaplain to the Queen. Dr Gavin Ashenden described it as “a misuse” and f...

Expansionist private schools need a lesson in morality

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The private education system, I’m beginning to suspect, just isn’t that into me. I blame myself – I’ve been playing hard to get. Pointing out the divisions in British society that having private schools causes, mentio...

John Cameron Mitchell: ‘There’s been a certain sex panic in the air’

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It’s a little more than 15 years since John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus exploded – interpret that verb as lewdly as you like – into cinemas, and in a sense, it feels a whole lot longer. Which is not to say that Mitche...

More platinum jubilee pudding, Your Majesty? No, I thought not

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The elderly don’t tend to eat as much as younger people. That’s just something I’ve noticed – it’s not from a proper survey commissioned by Saga Holidays or a stairlift manufacturer so you can’t rely on it. But it see...

Jacob Rees-Mogg is using his pious image to con us

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Jacob Rees-Mogg’s mask keeps slipping. I don’t mean the literal mask he uncharacteristically wore at prime minister’s questions last week. I mean the metaphorical one behind it. It needs new metaphorical elastic becau...

Es el momento de Liz Truss para hacer lo correcto

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¿Liz Truss será alguna vez primera ministra?? Es no, Derecha? Eso es bastante definitivo. Sé que es secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores y, estadísticamente hablando, eso reduce considerablemente las probabilidades en comparación con un miembro general del ....

Ah, Mr Bond. I was expecting you – to entertain me

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Alerta de spoiler! This column is about the new James Bond film and reveals some big things that happen in it. If you haven’t seen it but plan to, don’t read on. The main spoiler is: they’ve spoiled it. The producers of N...

Victoria Coren Mitchell: "No soy nada competitivo, que sorprende a la gente "

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Victoria Coren Mitchell nació y fue a la escuela en Hammersmith, oeste de Londres. Ella es la hermana menor del crítico de restaurantes Giles Coren.. Después de estudiar inglés en la Universidad de Oxford, ella se convirtió en escritora, presen...

¿Son los hermanos Corbyn un ejemplo para todos nosotros??

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Para cualquier medio de noticias que desee captar la atención del lector, ha sido una semana muy difícil. La conferencia del Partido Laborista siempre iba a ser una caída vertiginosa en el espectáculo después de la feria de flores de Chelsea., pero coincid ...

La cita de Jeff Bezos con Boris Johnson no resultó ser tan exigente

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"Mirar, puedes fingirlo en cualquier otro lugar, tal vez intentarlo en los angeles, pero te comerán vivo en Nueva York ". Ese es un consejo que Jennifer Arcuri dice que una vez le dio a Boris Johnson. No parece que lo haya tomado b ...

What does the small print really say? That you’ll never win

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Many people will have enjoyed reading the news last week that Linda Edwards, a 58-year-old artist who lives in Saddleworth near Oldham, has won a five-year legal battle to get an unfair parking ticket rescinded. Justi...

Aprovechar las lagunas puede ser una estrategia perdedora

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El sorteo de premios benéficos de Frome Town FC ha sido cancelado. Fue lanzado el 1 Julio y el objetivo era recaudar fondos para Frome Town FC y los bancos de alimentos locales. El ganador del sorteo se quedaría con un coche SsangYong Tivoli (yo neith ...

Former Great Grimsby Labour MP Austin Mitchell dies aged 86

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Keir Starmer has led tributes to the former Great Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell, quien ha muerto envejecido 86. Mitchell was a colourful figure who represented the north-east Lincolnshire port for 38 años, desde 1977 a 2015, aft...

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