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Sonia Sotomayor says supreme court’s ‘mistakes’ can be corrected over time

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The liberal-leaning supreme court justice Sonia Sotomayor said on Thursday that US supreme court “mistakes” in high-profile cases can be corrected over time – as she adopted a positive tone ahead of a decision in whic...

Clare Shine: ‘I want people to look at my mistakes and not make the same ones’

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Almost two years have passed since Clare Shine felt that, after trying so hard to keep going, everything had come crashing down forever. She had already achieved what once felt impossible, rehabilitating from drug and...

NHS-trust beboet £1.3m oor sterftes van twee pasiënte ná personeel foute

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An NHS trust has been fined over £1.3m after it admitted breaking the law by failing to provide safe care in two cases where patients died after serious mistakes were made by hospital staff. The Shrewsbury and Telford...

America’s crime panic: why we can’t afford to repeat mistakes of the 90s

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In the past two years, warnings of a pandemic-induced crime wave have become a staple of America’s evening news. A historic rise in homicide rates and reports of frequent retail thefts and “smash and grab robberies” h...

Here in Hong Kong, Covid has surged and we’ve run out of coffins. Please learn from our mistakes

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The streets are quiet. The beaches are inaccessible. Theatres, museums, skole, gyms and libraries are shut. Hong Kong is going round in circles, closing down and opening up just a little bit, in an endless loop that...

Putin’s war on Ukraine will shake our world as much as 9/11. Let’s not make the same mistakes

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Just as a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut, so Liz Truss has put her finger on something true. On Thursday the foreign secretary gave a speech, in which she declared: “The invasion of Ukraine is a paradigm shif...

‘The case for masks became hugely stronger’: scientists admit their Covid mistakes

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Einstein once observed that “a scientist is a mimosa when he himself has made a mistake, and a roaring lion when he discovers a mistake of others”. Aside from the “he”, the statement accurately sums up the tone of som...

Barbados can be a beacon for the region – if it avoids some of its neighbours’ mistakes

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The charismatic prime minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, elevated her country’s status in the world with her stinging speech at Cop26 in Glasgow last month. This speech resonated throughout the West Indies, a region t...

Hesitancy, inequity: is the US ‘making the same mistakes’ with kids’ vaccines?

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When Nia Heard-Garris’s son found out the Covid vaccines were authorized for adults in the US late last year, he was thrilled, then asked, “But what about us? What about kids?” The eight-year-old is finally signed up ...

‘I would never spend that much on a kitchen!’: Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud on money, ambition – and expensive mistakes

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The first couple of episodes of the current series of Grand Designs have already aired, but – as if it was itself an over-running building project – Kevin McCloud is still filming. When we speak over Zoom, from the sm...

Britain’s military must learn from its mistakes

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Simon Akam is right, the military does want to ignore its failure in Afghanistan (Britain’s military will want to ignore its failure in Afghanistan. It must face reality, 22 Augustus), but it does so by deflecting respo...

Anna Kiesenhofer claims shock road race glory as Van Vleuten mistakes silver for gold

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Anna Kiesenhofer took a shock solo win for Austria in the women’s Olympic cycling road race as the peloton got their sums wrong in chasing down the mathematician. Kiesenhofer, who has not had a professional contract s...

Covid: Sage scientist fears England could repeat ‘mistakes of last summer’

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A scientific adviser to the government’s Covid-19 response has expressed fears England could be in danger of repeating “the mistakes of last summer”. Prof Stephen Reicher, from the University of St Andrews and a membe...

Gordon Brown: Boris Johnson se foute kan hom steeds inhaal

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Boris Johnson se optrede in die amp kan hom steeds laat sink ondanks sy dryfvermoë in meningspeilings, Gordon Brown gesê het, herinner aan die afsterwe van Margaret Thatcher drie jaar na 'n groot oorwinning in die verkiesing omdat.

‘From a standing fart’: readers on their favourite Grauniad mistakes

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The necessary speed of the production of the paper is part of the reason for Guardian misprints (Typo negative: the best and worst of Grauniad mistakes over 200 jare, 12 Mei), but that does not fully explain why the ...

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