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KPMG partner banned from accounting after misleading regulator over Carillion

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The KPMG partner who led the audit of failed outsourcer Carillion has been banned from the accounting profession for a decade for providing false and misleading information to regulators. Peter Meehan will also have t...

United Australia party and Coalition MPs denounced for ‘totally misleading’ claim about WHO

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Experts have denounced a “totally misleading” claim perpetuated by government MPs and the United Australia party that the World Health Organization will use a possible pandemic treaty to control Australia’s health sys...

William Tyrrell’s foster mother charged with giving misleading evidence

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The foster mother of missing child William Tyrrell provided a NSW Crime Commission hearing about the boy’s disappearance with false or misleading information, police have alleged. El jueves, detectives from strike f...

Boris Johnson again reprimanded after misleading employment claim

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Boris Johnson has been formally reprimanded by the official statistics watchdog for the second time in a month after he misleadingly claimed that there are now more people in work in the UK than before the start of co...

Johnson and Patel’s claims about falling crime ‘misleading’, says UK watchdog

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The head of the official statistics watchdog has reprimanded Boris Johnson and the Home Office for incorrectly saying crime has fallen by 14%, when this excludes the fastest-rising category of crime. Sir David Norgrov...

La organización benéfica de asesoramiento sobre deudas condena los anuncios de cancelación "engañosos" en Facebook

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Las empresas de gestión de deuda comercial están colocando anuncios en Facebook que podrían dar la impresión de que están vinculados a esquemas oficiales del gobierno., El análisis de Guardian ha encontrado. Las empresas de gestión de deudas ayudan a las personas a cons...

Actualización en vivo de noticias de Australia: Tennis Australia denies misleading players on vaccination rules, Registros de NSW 45,098 new Covid cases and nine deaths

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Leaked documents show Australian Open organisers told players they could get a medical exemption if they had a Covid infection in the last six months, contrary to federal advice. Sigue todas las novedades del día

John Lewis pulls controversial advert for being ‘potentially misleading’

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It was attacked as everything from a crass cultural lecture to a treatise on sexism. John Lewis’s latest home insurance ad, in which a young boy rampages around his home to a Stevie Nicks song while wearing a dress, B...

TGA demands Craig Kelly’s party stop distributing ‘seriously misleading’ Covid information

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Australia’s medicines regulator has issued a public statement saying its lawyers have written to United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly alleging the party has breached copyright and demanding it stop distributing “...