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‘I was a minority of one’: Andrew Neil reveals why he quit GB News

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Andrew Neil has said he stepped down as chairman of GB News after differences over the direction in which the channel was heading. The journalist and broadcaster appeared on BBC’s Question Time on Thursday night days ...

Ecuador abortion laws discriminate against minority ethnic women – report

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Gladys, an indigenous woman from rural Ecuador, went to hospital after injecting poison into her stomach to end her pregnancy. Doctors went straight to the police, and she was sentenced to two months in jail for havin...

Nice guidance to induce minority ethnic pregnancies earlier condemned as racist

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Proposed guidance that recommends inducing labour at 39 weeks in pregnant women from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds has raised concerns from doctors and midwives and been branded “racist” by activists. W ...

Muslim women in Batley and Spen call out actions of ‘loud minority’ of men

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A group of Muslim women from Batley and Spen have written an open letter condemning “shameful” behaviour that has brought the community “into the limelight for all the wrong reasons”. The women, who write anonymously ...

NFL investigates claim team told Chung he was ‘not the right minority’ for job

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The NFL is investigating an allegation by the former New England Patriots player Eugene Chung that he was told he was “not the right minority” during an interview for a coaching role. Chung, who is Korean American, di...

Church of England must include minority ethnic candidate for bishops

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The Church of England must include at least one candidate from a minority ethnic background on shortlists for bishops and other senior roles in a drive to rid the church of “racial sin”, a report says. All governing b...

Why Asian American athletes are tired of the ‘model minority’ stereotype

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“Tell Yao Ming, ‘Ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh’”. Those were the words Shaquille O’Neal casually tossed out in a 2003 TV interview when referring to the Houston Rockets’ Chinese star. Whether, as O’Neal claimed, era ...

NHS body in England urges minority ethnic people to fill out census

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An independent NHS body is urging black and minority ethnic communities to complete this year’s national census survey to help capture a more accurate picture of the overall health condition of households across Engla...

German doctors broach ‘taboo’ subject of Covid toll on minority groups

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German doctors are reportedly concerned about the large proportion of people from minority ethnic backgrounds among coronavirus patients in intensive care, citing a lack of proper communication with Muslim communities...