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Nuova Zelanda: rushing anti-terror law could lead to surveillance overreach, minor parties say

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Legislation that will make planning a terrorist attack a crime in New Zealand is one step closer to becoming law, but the country’s minor parties have voiced concerns the process is moving too fast and could lead to s...

Gender disparity in UK radio report shows minor improvements on 2020

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The latest edition of the Gender Disparity Data report into UK radio airplay of British artists has revealed slight improvements on last year’s findings. Between 1 January and 1 agosto 2021, 44% of the top 50 Britannico ...

‘Unjust practices’: US prosecutor takes stand against minor police traffic stops

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A Minnesota prosecutor who filed manslaughter charges against a police officer who shot and killed the black motorist Philando Castile in a 2016 stop for a broken tail light says he will no longer pursue cases involvi...

Borges and Me by Jay Parini review – around Scotland in a Morris Minor

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Jorge Luis Borges’s short story “Borges and I” is typical of the writer. Erudite and elliptical, succinct and self-referential, passionate and puzzling. In just a few closely packed pages, the Argentinian essayist and...

Deportation of a minor: how a ‘corrosivepolicy sank cosy relations between Australia and New Zealand

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They may be close allies, but the latest flare-up in a long-running diplomatic standoff between Australia and New Zealand has seen relations between the two nations hit an all-time low. The source of the friction is a...

Minor deported to New Zealand under Australian program Peter Dutton described as ‘taking the trash out’

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Australian authorities deported a minor to New Zealand as part of a program home affairs minister Peter Dutton described as “taking the trash out”. Il primo ministro neozelandese, Jacinda Ardern, confirmed that one of...