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Minneapolis vota sobre si reemplazar al departamento de policía

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Los votantes en Minneapolis decidirán el martes si reemplazan su departamento de policía con un nuevo Departamento de Seguridad Pública, más de un año después del asesinato de George Floyd, un hombre negro, por un oficial de policía blanco ...

Minneapolis celebrates Sunisa Lee’s return: ‘Her win shows what’s possible’

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The chants of “Suni! Suni! Suni!” rang out in the Minneapolis-St Paul international airport terminal as soon as their new golden star, Olympic champion gymnast Sunisa Lee, stepped foot off her plane, home from Japan. ...

Minneapolis: woman killed and three injured after car drives into protesters

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A woman is dead and three others injured after a car was driven into a crowd of anti-police brutality protesters in Minneapolis on Sunday night, Minneapolis police confirmed on Twitter. The driver was arrested and is ...

George Floyd Square: Minneapolis removes barricades for road reopening – video

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Workers began removing artwork and barricades from George Floyd Square, the memorial space constructed at the south Minneapolis intersection where George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer.Barricades were be...

Minneapolis removes barricades to reopen George Floyd Square to traffic

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Parts of the memorial space constructed at the south Minneapolis intersection where George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer were removed by work crews on Thursday morning. The city confirmed to the Guardia...

Minneapolis celebrates George Floyd’s life after a ‘troubling, long year’

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In downtown Minneapolis, the city that was plagued with tension during the Derek Chauvin murder trial last month, a celebration of George Floyd’s life was held less than a mile from where the white former Minneapolis ...

Minneapolis rally begins honoring of one year since George Floyd’s death

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Members of George Floyd’s family, and others who lost loved ones to police encounters, have joined crowds in Minneapolis for a march that was one of several events planned nationwide to mark the one-year anniversary o...

DoJ to investigate Minneapolis police – but can federal oversight change policing culture?

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Seven years ago, the city of Portland, Oregon was forced to admit that its police officers were shooting too many unarmed people, and it agreed to a program of reform under the oversight of a federal judge. Last month...

Justice department to investigate Minneapolis policing practices

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The US justice department announced on Wednesday that it is launching a sweeping investigation into policing practices in Minneapolis, less than a day after a white former officer was convicted of murdering George Flo...

Minneapolis hopes for new beginning after verdict: ‘George Floyd is a movement’

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As George Floyd’s girlfriend waited for a verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer charged with murdering Floyd, one of the journalists crowded around her asked what being present outside the Minneapo...

Republicans demand action against Maxine Waters after Minneapolis remarks

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The Republican leader in the House of Representatives and an extremist congresswoman who champions “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” have demanded action against the Democratic representative Maxine Waters, after she...

Minneapolis unrest grows as families of George Floyd and Daunte Wright speak out – video

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Protesters were dispersed by police with flashbangs and gas grenades in the third night of demonstrations and unrest after the death of a black man shot by a white police officer during a traffic stop. The two officer...

Minneapolis: police and protesters clash for second night over death of Daunte Wright

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Police have clashed with protesters for a second night in the suburbs of Minneapolis after the officer-involved death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright on Sunday. Multiple law enforcement agencies swarmed the suburb of Bro...

Derek Chauvin trial: Minneapolis police chief expected to testify – live

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Minneapolis braces for opening arguments in Derek Chauvin’s trial

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The city of Minneapolis and millions across the US and around the world are bracing for Monday’s opening arguments in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the white former police officer charged with murdering George Floyd, wh ...

Minneapolis to pay George Floyd’s family $27m in police custody death lawsuit

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The city of Minneapolis has agreed to pay $27m to settle a civil lawsuit with the family of George Floyd, just weeks before the trial is scheduled to begin for the former police officer charged with his murder. The ci...

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