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Mining union backs Daniel Repacholi as Labor candidate in Hunter to replace Joel Fitzgibbon

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The mining union has thrown its support behind the former Olympic shooter Daniel Repacholi to take over the seat of Hunter from outgoing Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon. The Construction, Forestry, Mining, Maritime and Energ...

Conservationists call for urgent ban on deep-sea mining

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A motion calling for a ban on deep-sea mining has been adopted in Marseille at the world’s biggest biodiversity summit since the pandemic, after an overwhelmingly supportive vote by governments and civil society group...

Is deep-sea mining a cure for the climate crisis or a curse?

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In a display cabinet in the recently opened Our Broken Planet exhibition in London’s Natural History Museum, curators have placed a small nugget of dark material covered with faint indentations. The blackened lump cou...

The Observer view on the pros and cons of deep-sea mining

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Deep-sea mining has become one of our planet’s most divisive problems. By stripping the ocean floor of its vast mineral wealth, proponents say we can obtain the cobalt, manganese, nickel and copper we urgently need fo...

FTSE 100 to lose mining heavyweight as BHP calls time on dual listing in London

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The FTSE 100 is to lose one of its biggest companies after the Anglo-Australian miner BHP announced it would abandon a dual listing in London in favour of shifting its main listing to Sydney. The move to simplify a c...

Mining multinational BHP starts talks to exit oil and gas industry

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The mining multinational BHP has begun talks to exit the oil and gas industry by merging its hydrocarbon business with Australia’s top independent gas producer, Woodside Petroleum. BHP said a merger with Woodside was ...

Abandoned pits of former mining town fuel green revolution

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Kevin Shaw remembers Seaham in its mining heyday, when the three pits in the town provided thousands of jobs and the network of red-brick terrace houses overlooking the sea were packed with miners and their families. ...

In the darkness and dust: memorial recalls the hard history of British mining

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They toiled far underground in dark, cramped and dangerous conditions, emerging at the end of their shifts caked in coal dust and often gasping for air. Towns grew up around the collieries; boys followed their fathers...

Deep-sea mining could start in two years after Pacific nation of Nauru gives UN ultimatum

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Deep-sea mining has been given the go-ahead to commence in two years, after the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru notified the UN body governing the nascent industry of plans to start mining. Triggering the so-calle...

Mining holds the key to a green future – no wonder human rights activists are worried

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Interest in Dogger Bank was once restricted to insomniac enthusiasts for the BBC’s Shipping Forecast. Not anymore. Hoy dia, the shallow sandbank located 120 miles off the UK’s north-eastern shoreline, is home to the wor...

The island with no water: how foreign mining destroyed Banaba

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The last decent rain on Banaba was more than a year ago. Without rain, people on the isolated central Pacific island, which is part of the country of Kiribati, have been forced to rely on a desalination plant for all ...

Australian mining companies have paid little or no corporate income tax in PNG despite huge profits

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Australian mining companies have paid little or no corporate income tax in Papua New Guinea despite earning hundreds of millions of dollars from their PNG operations, benefiting from a complex taxation system that exp...

How a tiny Pacific community fought off a giant mining company – video

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A proposal to mine 60% of a tiny island of Wagina in the Pacific was met with outrage by locals and became a landmark case in Solomon Islands.

The little island that won: how a tiny Pacific community fought off a giant mining company

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When a mining company arrived on Wagina nearly a decade ago with a proposal to mine 60% of the island for bauxite, resistance was swift and resolute. “I was in the group that went and physically stopped the machines t...

Mining in the Pacific: a blessing and a curse

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Mining is big business in the Pacific. Guardian analysis of trade data can reveal that each year nearly 11m tonnes of fuel and oil (the equivalent of 1100 Eiffel towers) are extracted from the region, 2m tonnes of co...

Where mining meets rainforest: the battle for Tasmania’s Tarkine

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Four days before the Morrison government was due to decide the future of a mining development in the takayna/Tarkine, 77-year-old Frits Harmsen planted a camping chair in front of trucks on an unsealed road snaking th...

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