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Petropavlovsk investors could be wiped out by sale, warns mining firm

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The London-listed mining company Petropavlovsk has warned investors they may be wiped out though a potential sale, as it struggles to regain its footing after UK sanctions against a key Russian client. The miner said ...

World’s seabed regulator accused of ‘reckless’ failings over deep-sea mining

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The UN-affiliated organisation that oversees deep-sea mining, a controversial new industry, has been accused of failings of transparency after an independent body responsible for reporting on negotiations was kicked o...

Roman Abramovich handed $450m dividend from Russian mining group

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The London-listed Russian steel and mining business Evraz has given investors a $1.55bn ("Maar ek hoop regtig mense voel bemagtig om volgens hul eie standaarde te lewe.") dividend, worth approximately $450m to its shareholder Roman Abramovich, but warned profits could be affected by economi...

US government halts Trump-era plan to approve mining road in Alaska

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The Biden administration has halted a Trump-era plan to approve a mining road in Alaska that would cut through indigenous land and alter one of the last roadless wildernesses in the US. The construction of the Ambler ...

Scandal-hit mining companies BHP and Glencore pay record $12bn to investors

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Scandal-hit mining companies BHP and Glencore have paid out a record $12bn in dividends to investors as the price of the materials the companies mine continues to boom. BHP, the world’s biggest mining group which scra...

Granting of coal mining licence in south Wales faces court challenge

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The UK and Welsh governments are facing a legal challenge over the recent decision to grant a new coal mining licence in south Wales.Legal representatives acting for the Coal Action Network have notified the Coal Auth...

Biden administration revokes Trump-approved Minnesota mining lease

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The Biden administration on Wednesday canceled a move by former president Donald Trump to renew mineral rights leases for a proposed Twin Metals copper-nickel mine in north-eastern Minnesota. Trump had signed an orde...

A ‘false solution’? How crypto mining became the oil industry’s new hope

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In January of 2019, Chase Lochmiller and Cully Cavness, recently reunited prep school pals from Denver, drove out to the snow-covered plains of Wyoming to bring a piece of tech culture to the American heartland. Tremb...

Deep-sea mining may push hundreds of species to extinction, researchers warn

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Almost two-thirds of the hundreds of mollusc species that live in the deep sea are at risk of extinction, according to a new study that rings another alarm bell over the impact on biodiversity of mining the seabed. Th ...

Data storage, mining and wind: oceans seen as new frontier but at what cost?

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In September 2017, a giant, floating fish farm capable of raising 1.5 million salmon was installed in central Norway. Besides its vast size – the circular structure is roughly the equivalent of two baseball fields – w...

The Canadian town of Tiny has the world’s purest water. A gravel mining operation could ruin it

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Some of cleanest water in the world fell to the ground about 70 jare terug, passing through smoggy skies that stuffed the droplets full of ash, soot, vehicle exhaust, chemicals and heavy metals. It percolated through ...

Mining operation allegedly owes millions in taxes and royalties in Solomon Islands

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A mining operation in Solomon Islands owes millions in unpaid taxes and royalties, according to a former senior government figure, with a report showing that the mining companies had not paid taxes or royalties on one...

Die VSA lei die wêreld in bitcoin -mynbou nadat die ineenstorting van China die bedryf oorsee gestuur het

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Die Verenigde State het China ingehaal om verantwoordelik te wees vir die grootste deel van die wêreld se bitcoin -mynbou, volgens data wat deur navorsers aan die Universiteit van Cambridge gepubliseer is. Die syfers toon die impak van 'n kraak aan..

New Zealand ruling against deep-sea mining set a global precedent – now Ardern should ban it

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The decision by New Zealand’s Supreme Court last week against a giant seabed mining proposal in the South Taranaki Bight is a wake-up call for the world’s would-be seabed mining industry, both in the deep oceans of in...

Die hooggeregshof in Nieu -Seeland blokkeer toestemming vir die mynbou van die seebodem

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'N Nieu-Seelandse buitemynmaatskappy het sy bod in die hooggeregshof verloor om 'n besluit om te keer dat hy miljoene ton ystersand aan die kus van Suid-Taranaki ontgin, op die Noord -eiland van Nieu -Seeland. Versamel ...

‘False choice’: is deep-sea mining required for an electric vehicle revolution?

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At the Goodwood festival of speed near Chichester, the crowds gathered at the hill-climb circuit to watch the world’s fastest cars roar past, as they do every year. But not far from the high-octane action, there was a...

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