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Dangerous transmissions: anti-vax radio shows reach millions in US while stars die of Covid

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Phil Valentine, a prominent Tennessee rightwing talk radio host, had released a song called Vaxman, an anti-Covid vaccination ditty based on the Beatles track Taxman. Marc Bernier, a host in Daytona Beach, Florida, ah ...

Football Index: how ‘stock market’ ended up costing customers millions

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“I know of people who have had to tell their partner they don’t have the deposit for their house move,” says David, who is helping to coordinate a support group for customers with money trapped in the failed betting p...

Turkey’s labourers take to TikTok to show millions their harsh work conditions – video

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Workers in Turkish factories, construction sites and fields have become the unlikely stars of TikTok, revealing harsh and dangerous conditions in posts with millions of views. tacchino, ranked among the '10 worst countr...

Heavy flooding hits central China, affecting tens of millions

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Unusually heavy rains and massive flooding have hit China’s Henan province, bursting the banks of rivers, overwhelming the public transport system and upending lives of tens of millions. At least three people have bee...

The pandemic scam artists making millions during lockdown – podcast

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When Rose got an email about a missed parcel, she thought nothing of arranging a new delivery – a mistake that would ultimately cost her thousands. The Guardian’s money editor, Hilary Osborne, reveals the scale of a l...

From £20 a week to Fifa millions: the best books about football money

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While we wait for the inevitable slew of books about the heart-of-stone-not-to-laugh fiasco of the European Super League, we can familiarise ourselves with the luridly complex relationship between football and finance...

JD Vance eyes Ohio’s Senate seat as a working-class man – with millions in tech funds

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As a prospective conservative candidate for the US Senate from Ohio, author JD Vance can claim a rarely authentic connection to the white working-class voters who helped make Donald Trump president. In his bestselling...

Milioni di persone in tutto il mondo marciano per chiedere un'azione sulla crisi climatica - reportage video

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Sabato persone in quasi tutti i continenti si sono riunite per marce e raduni per celebrare una Giornata mondiale per la giustizia climatica, a metà del vertice sul cambiamento climatico di Glasgow. Attivisti nelle Filippine, otto ore prima...

Aggiornamento in tempo reale delle notizie sul Covid in Australia: millions in NSW awaken to new freedoms after 106 days of lockdown

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Pubs, cafes, retail, hairdressers and gyms reopen across NSW; Victoria plans for its ‘vaccinated economy’. Segui in diretta tutte le news del giorno

Australia’s Covid vaccination relying on opaque private contracts worth millions

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The Australian government is funnelling millions of dollars to private contractors for its beleaguered Covid vaccine rollout using opaque deals – some of which are hidden from the public and ignore transparency standa...

‘MI5 were tapping our phones’: UB40 on starting out, falling out and losing millions

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UB40 are remembering the days when they were dangerous. “MI5 were tapping our phones, watching our houses, all sorts,” says drummer Jimmy Brown. “We thought, ‘Haven’t they got criminals to catch?’ We were just a bunch...

The Guardian view on energy bills: a price hike that threatens millions

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The energy regulator Ofgem sounded apologetic as it announced another big rise in the industry’s price cap on Friday. It was right to do so. It is hard to think of anyone – except the energy companies and the fossil-f...

Logan Paul v Floyd Mayweather ends in boos as each fighter makes millions

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The fight between one of the greatest boxers in history and one of the best YouTube personalities in his family ended in predictable fashion on Sunday night as Floyd Mayweather danced around Logan Paul for eight round...

Could the global Covid death toll be millions higher than thought?

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For the past 18 mesi, hunkered down in his Tel Aviv apartment, Ariel Karlinsky has scoured the web for data that could help him calculate the true death toll of Covid-19. The 31-year-old economics student at the ...

Tion Wayne and Russ Millions’ Body is first drill song to go to UK No 1

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Body by Tion Wayne and Russ Millions has become the first drill song to claim the UK No 1 individuare, in what has been described as a landmark moment for the rapidly growing music genre. The catchy song that has inspired a ...

New Zealand to spend millions weaning holiday towns off international tourism

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The days of allowing tourist hordes to some of New Zealand’s best-known natural attractions are over, the government has signalled, as it unveiled new plans to protect the environment and reconsider the role of touris...

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