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Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: 1.5million people in England to receive booster jab invite

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Texts and letters will be sent to eligible people who had their second vaccine at least six months ago

How Japan is making 1 million tonnes of radioactive water safe – video

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Since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, more than 1m tonnes of radioactive water has been building up at the power plant in central Japan. Soon the plant will run out of space to store the water, which is a big pro...

Half a million homes to be given new energy supplier after two more go bust

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About half a million households will be moved to a new energy supplier after Utility Point and People’s Energy became the latest energy companies to go bust amid record energy market prices. The latest casualties brin...

A million jobs in peril as one in 16 UK firms say they are at risk of closure

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A million workers are still employed by businesses at risk of closure over the next three months, as the government is poised to withdraw critical Covid support schemes, according to new analysis. One in 16 firms say ...

Million urged to seek shelter as floods and landslides hit Japan

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More than a million people have been urged to seek shelter as torrential rain triggered floods and landslides in western Japan, leaving at least one dead and two missing. Authorities in Hiroshima and the northern part...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Wuhan finishes testing 11 milioni; nightclubs reopen in Scotland

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China reports 125 new cases for Sunday; Scotland nightclubs reopen for first time in over a year; Australian PM’s public approval rating at pandemic low

China authorities to test all Wuhan’s 11 million residents amid new Covid cases

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Chinese officials have ordered all 11 million residents of Wuhan to be tested for Covid-19, after new cases emerged in the city for the first time in more than a year. On Tuesday the national health commission reporte...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: 4 million excess deaths in India, study suggests, as official Covid toll passes 414,000

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Excess deaths in India are measure of overall impact of pandemic; mainland China records 65 new cases, highest since January

Two-child benefits cap cuts support for over 1 million children during pandemic

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More than a million children have been affected by the government’s two-child limit on benefits during the pandemic, according to new figures. The official data shows that in April this year, 1.1 million children livi...

US west heatwave: 31 million people brace for record-breaking temperatures

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Più di 31 million people across the US west and south-west are bracing for a brutal heatwave that could bring triple-digit temperatures this weekend, with authorities warning that records could be broken in many re...

Million Pfizer jabs face being dumped after Israel-UK swap deal fails

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More than a million Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine doses held in Israel that are due to expire at the end of July may be thrown away after attempts to broker a swap deal with the UK failed. Israel had reportedly offered the ...

Up to 410 million people at risk from sea level rises – study

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Up to 410 million people will be living in areas less than two metres above sea level, and at risk from sea level rises, unless global emissions are reduced, according to a new study. The paper, published in Nature Co...

With 21 million still unvaccinated, Britain is not out of the woods yet

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This week the steady rise of Covid cases in the UK was accompanied by a worrying signal of rising hospital admissions. Of most concern was the notable increase in the number of people becoming severely ill and requiri...

Quarter of a million children in England missed school last week due to Covid

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A quarter of a million children in England missed school last week because of Covid infections, self-isolation or school closures, making it the most disrupted week since schools fully reopened in March and prompting ...

A million dollars a minute: the rise and rise of philanthropy

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When the historians of the future look back on the early 21st century, there will be no shortage of ways to label the epoch: the Age of Extinction; the Age of Anxiety; the Age of Fibbers and Self-Publicists; the Age o...

Seven million people in England are in areas with high Covid rates

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Più di 7 million – or one in eight – people in England are living in areas experiencing high Covid rates, close to four times the number just two weeks ago. Many of those affected live in the country’s most deprive...

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