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Labor vows to prioritise Australian jobs as it eyes migration boost

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The home affairs minister, Clare O’Neil, has vowed Labor “will always prioritise jobs for Australians” as the government eyes increasing the migration cap potentially to 200,000 places per year. A boost from the curre...

Russia seeks to play down closure of Israel migration agency

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The Kremlin has insisted its decision to shut down the agency that processes Jewish migration to Israel should not be “politicised”, amid a widening rift between the two countries over Moscow’s actions in Ukraine. Las...

Understaffed sectors join NSW and Victorian premiers in calling for improved skill migration

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Leaders across business, health and tourism are calling on the new federal government to speed up approvals for skilled visa applications as they struggle with crippling labour shortages across the country. As the pre...

Refugee children handed anti-‘illegal migration’ playing cards, Australian charity says

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Playing cards adorned with the Australian government’s Zero Chance campaign against “illegal migration” were distributed to refugee children in Indonesia by people trespassing on school grounds, the charity running th...

‘A sense of radical possibility’: re-examining the great migration through art

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The way we talk about the great migration is often oversimplified, limiting it to the movement of Black Americans from the rural south to the urban north through the early and mid 20th century. But there are many more...

New clues shed light on ‘pivotal’ moment in the great Pacific migration

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The peopling of the Pacific is one of the most significant migrations in human history. And now an archaeological discovery on a small island in Papua New Guinea has recast the early scope of this settlement, in a fin...

‘It’s happening now’: how rising sea levels are causing a US migration crisis

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Sea levels have risen about 9in since 1880, with one-third of that gain from the last 25 years alone. Elke jaar, a flurry of reports are published warning of the risk to towns and cities along coastal areas. It’s one...

Plants at risk of extinction as climate crisis disrupts animal migration

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The decline of seed-dispersing animals is damaging plants’ ability to adapt to climate breakdown, a study has found. Almost half of all plant species depend on animals to spread their seeds, but scientists fear these ...

Openbaar gemaak: the secret ‘forced labour’ migration route from Vietnam to the UK

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When construction began to great fanfare in 2019, the Linglong car tyre factory outside of Belgrade was heralded as the jewel in the crown of Serbia’s burgeoning strategic partnership with China. Twee jaar later, 500 ...

EU has ‘limited’ appetite for post-Brexit migration deal with UK

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A senior EU official has said she does not expect the bloc to strike a migration deal with the UK because of disputes over the Brexit agreement. Ylva Johansson, the European commissioner for home affairs, said EU memb...

UK migration advisers call for care workers to be fast-tracked for visas

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Care workers should be added to the UK’s list of professions eligible for fast-tracked visas, the government’s independent advisers on migration have said. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) on Wednesday recommend...

Covid limits migration despite more people displaced by war and disasters

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The coronavirus pandemic had a radical effect on migration, limiting movement despite increasing levels of internal displacement from conflict and climate disasters, the UN’s International Organization for Migration s...

Macron val Johnson aan omdat hy probeer het om migrasiekrisis te onderhandel via tweets – video

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Die Franse president, Emmanuel Macron, het Boris Johnson berispe omdat hy met hom probeer onderhandel het oor die keer dat mense die kanaal in die openbaar oorsteek, via Twitter. Hy het gesê hy is 'verras' oor Johnson se besluit..

Open borders in EU has led to ‘mass migration crisis’, says Priti Patel

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Priti Patel has described the build-up of people seeking to travel to the EU as “a mass migration crisis” and blamed the bloc’s open borders policy for allowing it to happen. The home secretary said the Schengen Agree...

Cop26 failure could mean mass migration and food shortages, sê Boris Johnson

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A failure by world leaders to commit to tackling the climate emergency at the Cop26 summit in Glasgow could prompt “very difficult geopolitical events” including mass migration and global competition for food and wate...

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