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The 60-year career: hope you like work, kids! You might still be doing it in your ninth decade

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Name: The 60-year career. Age: Sixty, obviously. Appearance: A long, slow, flat, miserable march to the grave. Well, whatever this is, you’re really selling it. A 60-year career, though. Seriously. Sixty whole years....

Could he? Will they? What if? What might happen next in Succession

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For all its whizz-bang caper-gone-wrong energy, and for all its subsequent emotional troughs, this week’s Succession finale might have been the most important in its entire run. Because, unless I am very much wrong, S...

The Tories might have won Bexley – but they’re worried about the rise of Reform

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The Conservative hold in the Old Bexley and Sidcup byelection has both sides claiming victory. Senior Tories point to the fact that their party held the seat with more than 50% of the vote share as proof of success. L...

Be reassured: the world is not as divided as we might think

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Today’s widely accepted narrative is that we live in historically divided times. Voters are routinely described as “polarised”, while analysts compete to identify the essential schism of the age, whether this is metro...

Flight might be a fantasy, but to my three-year-old, a bus beats a plane any day

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‘Daddy…’ asks my son in that same voice I know from roughly 80% of our interactions. ‘Do you like going on big red buses?’ He asks me this a few times a day, even while we are literally on big red buses, deploying it ...

Stephen Colbert: Biden ‘might have to deliver his agenda by caesarean’

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“Things are going a little rough for the Biden administration,” said Stephen Colbert on Thursday’s Late Show. “It’s been nine months, and at this point he might have to deliver his agenda by caesarean.” The president...

Why Robert Durst’s first murder conviction might not be his last

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For years, the wheels of justice moved so slowly against Robert Durst, the New York real estate heir with a trail of dead bodies dotting his improbably charmed life, that his victims’ family and friends feared he’d ne...

‘I might delete it’: Facebook’s problem with younger users

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Oliver Coughlan embodies Facebook’s problems with teen and young adult audiences – a growing number of them do not like it. The 23-year-old says he stopped using Facebook regularly three years ago and he is considerin...

UK might not be over the worst, scientists warn, as Covid case numbers stay high

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Britain is heading into winter with the number of Covid cases remaining at a worryingly high level. At the same time, the nation’s vaccination programme appears to have stalled. That is the bleak view of leading epide...

Sarah Everard’s killer might have been identified as threat sooner, police admit

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Police have accepted they may have had enough information to identify Wayne Couzens as a threat to women before he raped and killed Sarah Everard. Couzens was handed a rare whole-life sentence on Thursday, meaning he ...

Pigs might fly: the Tories’ social care plan – cartoon

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Brexit, levelling up, ‘global Britain’… what could possibly go wrong with the latest offering?

‘Our future might not look the same’: wildfires threaten way of life in California’s mountain towns

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Megan Brown’s family has stewarded several ranches in and along California’s northern Sierra Nevada for six generations. But in the last four years, the Browns have faced unprecedented challenges. Four different wildf...

GA-20: Try It… You Might Like It! review – a rowdy blast of primal blues

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When the young Bruce Iglauer witnessed a performance by Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers in 1971, he created a record label so he could sign them. Iglauer was a 23-year-old blues fanatic and Taylor an unrecorded ...

‘I might delete it’: users on the NHS Covid-19 app amid the ‘pingdemic’

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The number of downloads of the NHS Covid-19 app has shrunk dramatically amid a “pingdemic” that is causing shortages of goods and workers, after former health secretary Jeremy Hunt warned last week that the government...

Psaki: we engage with Fox News in hope viewers might listen to medical experts

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The Biden administration engages with Fox News because its viewers “might” listen to its medical experts about the need to beat the coronavirus pandemic, the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said. Psaki was sp...

Do you work too hard? It might be time to try being imperfect

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As a psychologist working in the Sydney CBD, I see many people working in high-performance workplace cultures across various business sectors. Nicole was one such client referred for therapy by her GP for treatment of...