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Is midnight upon us? Doomsday Clock panel to set risk of global catastrophe

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En 24 octubre 1962, an American nuclear chemist, Harrison Brown, started to pen a guest editorial for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists just as the Cuban missile crisis reached its climax. “I am writing on a plane...

Macron steps back from midnight threat against UK exports in fishing row

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France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, has shelved his threat to clog up UK exports and ban its fishers from landing catches at French ports from midnight in a dispute over access to British fishing waters, as his deadl...

‘We were stirring pots until midnight’: how a homemade tomato sauce became a foodie-favourite

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As commutes go, few are more scenic than Sandy Ruddock’s daily drive through the East Anglian countryside. It’s a journey that takes Ruddock past the very ingredients that go into her range of premium sauces, dressing...

Midnight in the Switchgrass review – Bruce Willis and Megan Fox firmly in 90s mode

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Everything about this tawdry thriller feels dated, from the serial-killer premise that was all the rage back in the 1990s, to the mannerist editing that keeps inexplicably flashing back to earlier scenes in blink-and-...

Charles Grodin, star of Midnight Run and Beethoven, muere en 86

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The actor Charles Grodin has died at the age of 86. Grodin, best known for films such as Midnight Run, The Heartbreak Kid and Beethoven, died of bone marrow cancer, his son, Nicolás, le dijo al New York Times. His car...

Bertrand Tavernier, veteran French director of Round Midnight, muere envejecido 79

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Bertrand Tavernier, the veteran French director of a host of acclaimed films including A Sunday in the Country, Round Midnight and These Foolish Things, ha muerto envejecido 79. The news was announced by the Institut Lumière...

Shooting Midnight Cowboy review: the decade’s first essential cultural history

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This tremendous volume offers the most detailed explication of how a movie is made that I have ever read. But Glenn Frankel’s book is much more than the story of a landmark film from 1969. Its many pleasures include a...