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‘You do whatever you can to keep going’: Middle Kids and Rüfüs Du Sol on touring the US amid Covid

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The Australian music industry has had another difficult year, with the Covid-19 Delta variant and multiple lockdowns in Australia’s biggest population centres derailing the recovery that many had hoped for. Although ...

Seth Meyers: Trump treats presidency ‘like a safe base in a game of middle school tag’

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On Late Night, Seth Meyers discussed the “damning new details” that have emerged over the 6 January Capitol attack and Trump’s involvement. Allegedly, the president was urged by his advisers not to announce his 2024 ...

Pastel de cuscús y macarrones con queso de Oriente Medio: ocho recetas nuevas e impresionantes del equipo Ottolenghi

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Originalmente ubicado debajo de un arco de ferrocarril en el norte de Londres, construido a partes iguales de ladrillo y tahini, paredes recubiertas de aceite de oliva y suelos teñidos de especias, la cocina de prueba de Ottolenghi comenzó simplemente como el lugar que ...

Duran Duran review – still Wild Boys even in middle age

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‘Number two in Birmingham!” yells Simon Le Bon, kicking off a second sold-out home town show in the 1,500-capacity Institute. With fans crammed in like sardines, pandemic or no pandemic, and the band virtually in thei...

Comic Alistair Green sobre su sátira de Inglaterra central: "No quiero ser realmente malo"

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Incluso si quisiera, Alistair Green no puede redecorar su sala de estar. Las paredes blancas lisas que como telón de fondo de los bocetos del cómic, y nuestra llamada de Zoom, son tanto una marca registrada de su material como la gama de medios engañosos..

Deporting ‘foreign criminals’ in the middle of the night doesn’t make us safer

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Look at modern British history, and you’ll find that the “criminal” and the “immigrant” blur into one another in popular and official thinking. In Victorian England, crime was often blamed on Irish immigrants (“danger...

Middle Eastern stand-ups: ‘People assume we only do terrorist jokes’

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Every comedian expects rejection when they’re starting out. But an email mix-up convinced Jenan Younis that her jokes weren’t the problem. To research comedy nights on Facebook, Younis set up a new account, and to avo...

The conflict in the Middle East is sustained by the silencing of Palestinians

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The silencing of the Palestinian story is nothing new. In 1950s Britain, a few years after Israel was established, even the name Palestine went out of use. When asked as a child where I came from, people would think I...

Letter from lockdown: ‘I love my hospitality job but I wish I wasn’t a casual in the middle of a pandemic’

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I love my job, my workmates and the people I work for at a sports bar on the Mornington Peninsula. We have a steady flow of tourists all year round and our regulars are extremely loyal to “their local”. Para mí, work i...

I graduated Harvard in the middle of the night, having learned a lot about generosity

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Last week I graduated from Harvard in the middle of the night. Some students made it to campus in the final weeks to get a glimpse of closed buildings and real classmates. From behind strict borders and yet another Me...

How do I know middle age is at an end? I fell over in the bath

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The older you get, the more dramatic it feels to fall over. I think this is less to do with creeping fragility than how out of practice adults are at it. When you are a kid, you fall over all the time and bounce strai...

‘Almost everyone hates theirs’: Keir Starmer reveals middle name is Rodney

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Much has been written about the tears shed during Keir Starmer’s interview with Piers Morgan. But there were laughs too – not least when the Labour leader revealed that his middle name was Rodney. The audience guffawe...

‘We’re piggy in the middle’: Brexit has made life impossible, say Jersey fishers

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Steph Noel, who has been fishing the waters off Jersey for almost four decades, could not see the point of chugging out to sea in his 8.5-metre boat, Belle Bird, this weekend. “There’s no value in it for me,” he said....

Three injured after sixth-grade girl shoots three at Idaho middle school – video

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A sixth-grade girl shot two students and a custodian at a middle school in Rigby, Idaho, on Thursday before being disarmed by a teacher, local authorities said. The Jefferson county sheriff, Steve Anderson, said the g...

Sixth-grade girl shoots three at Idaho middle school

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A sixth-grade girl shot two students and a custodian at an Idaho middle school on Thursday before being disarmed by a teacher, las autoridades dijeron. The Jefferson county sheriff, Steve Anderson, said the girl had fired mu...

Wimbledon dejará el receso del domingo medio y pasará al torneo de 14 días

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El tradicional día de descanso de Wimbledon el domingo medio del torneo se eliminará de 2022, el All England Club (AELTC) ha anunciado. Wimbledon es actualmente el único grand slam que tiene un día libre durante t ...

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