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El organismo de control de los Lores evalúa la queja contra Michelle Mone sobre la firma de PPE

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Los comisionados de estándares de la Cámara de los Lores están considerando una denuncia contra la colega conservadora Michelle Mone, en relación con el negocio de PPE, se le otorgaron contratos gubernamentales de 203 millones de libras esterlinas después de que ella lo refirió al Cabildo..

Met investigating Tory peer Michelle Mone over ‘racist message’

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The Conservative peer Michelle Mone is being investigated by the Metropolitan police for an allegedly racist message she is accused of sending to a man of Indian heritage. The recipient of the message, Richard Lynton-...

Call for Tory peer Michelle Mone to resign as accuser speaks out in alleged racism row

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The Liberal Democrat peer Lord Strasburger has called for the House of Lords’ conduct rules to be strengthened after no action was taken on a complaint that the Conservative peer Michelle Mone allegedly sent a racist ...

Black music artists should call out racism within our industry. They’ve got the power

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In the eight years I’ve worked in the music industry, career highs have been offset by instances of racism. I’ve often been confused with other Black people who work in the industry at events, meetings and panels – at...

Michelle Gayle: ‘They said don’t leave EastEnders – I never regretted it’

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Michelle Gayle was 10 months into her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child last March – and in such full swing that she was in “total denial” of the pandemic – when the West End closed its doo...

‘I don’t play music when I have sex – maybe I should’: Michelle Visage’s honest playlist

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At my 10th birthday party, I got not one but three copies of Andy Gibb’s album Shadow Dancing. He was so hot! So sexy! But since I had three copies, I didn’t need to buy it. The first one that I used my own money to b...

Northern Ireland deputy first minister Michelle O’Neill tests positive for Covid

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Viceprimer ministro de Irlanda del Norte, Michelle O'Neill, has said she has contracted Covid-19. The Sinn Féin politician tweeted that she was in self-isolation but hoped to return to public duties next week. She wr...

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner review – truth of a modest sceptic

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“Save your tears for when your mother dies,” is a proverb that singer-songwriter Michelle Zauner heard a lot from her Korean mum, Chongmi, when she was growing up in Eugene, Oregón. Her friends had coddling “Mommy-Mom...

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner review – a self-deprecating and honest memoir

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“Where do you go after you witness death?” Michelle Zauner asks herself in Crying in H Mart, her first book, which opens with the viral New Yorker essay of the same name. Following the loss of her mother Chongmi to ca...

Why supermarkets are on private equity firms’ shopping lists

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British high streets have taken a battering over the past decade – first from online retail, then from the pandemic, and now from a combination of the two. What remains of the sector is being picked over by the invest...

The acrid smell of hot tar: life in a US west stricken by wildfires and heatwaves

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On the first day of summer, I woke up to the acrid smell of hot tar. Even before my sleepy brain could name the source, my body tensed with anxiety: wildfire season was underway. Given the deepening drought and record...

‘There are lots of feelings!’ Michelle Terry on reopening Shakespeare’s Globe

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When Shakespeare’s Globe announced its reopening plans for spring, the headline news was that it had killed off the interval. Shows in its new season will run without a break as part of Covid safety protocols that inc...

Like Thandiwe Newton, I want to embrace my full name in all its glory

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When the actor Thandiwe Newton announced last week that she’d be reverting to the original spelling of her name, I felt some recognition. The journey her name has taken over three decades will strike a chord with many...

Vivian Gornick: ‘I couldn’t finish Michelle Obama’s Becoming

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The book I am currently readingPenelope Fitzgerald: A Life by Hermione Lee. I had actually never read anything by Lee before. I’ve only read 50 o 60 paginas, but her style is immensely appealing. The sentences are very...

Harry and Meghan’s racism comments were heartbreaking, Michelle Obama says

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Michelle Obama says she hopes the royal family will learn from the allegations of racism made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in last week’s TV interview with Oprah Winfrey. The former first lady said she was not su...

Gofres + Reseña de Mochi: la encantadora serie de marionetas de Michelle Obama

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Como primera dama, Michelle Obama recibió muchas críticas en la televisión por cable por su iniciativa de nutrición juvenil, Movámonos!, que combinó el toque suave de la personalidad de "madre en jefe" de la Primera Dama con políticas reales para combatir c ...

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