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Mexican farmers demand redress for illegal mining and violence on their land

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Mexican farmers have travelled to London to demand that a FTSE 100 company compensates them for illegal mining on their land and explain violence against anti-mining activists. Penmont mining, a subsidiary of Fresnill...

Texas forced to reverse Mexican truck inspection plan as drivers block bridges

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Texas governor Greg Abbott has made an about-face on his policy of tighter inspections of trucks entering Texas from Mexico, a week after he implemented the policy which led to Mexican truckers blockading border bridg...

Mexican truckers blockade border crossings over Texas inspection delays

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Mexican truck drivers have blockaded bridges at the border with the United States for a second day to protest against an order by the Texas governor, Greg Abbott, to increase safety inspections that has snarled traffi...

Equality was key to ancient Mexican city’s success, studie suggereer

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Greater equality than that experienced in other Mesoamerican cities may have been key to the successes of an ancient Zapotec community in Mexico which survived far longer than any contemporaneous metropolis, a new stu...

Eighth Mexican journalist to be killed in 2022 is shot outside his home

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The murder crisis gripping Mexican journalism has claimed another life after a journalist was gunned down in the conflict-stricken state of Michoacán just six weeks after he announced the murder of a colleague. Armand...

Mexican president lashes out at EU ‘lies’ over his media-bashing rhetoric

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Mexico’s government has lashed out at the “corruption, lies and hypocrisy” of the European parliament after its members urged its populist president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to rein in his media-bashing rhetoric ...

Robe of Gems review – a startling and unsettling Mexican crime mystery

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The film that everyone is talking about this year in Berlin is the dazzlingly accomplished and confident debut feature from the 42-year-old Mexican-Bolivian film-maker Natalia López Gallardo; as a former editor, she h...

US tests of robotic patrol dogs on Mexican border prompt outcry

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The US is testing robotic patrol dogs along its frontier with Mexico that it says could provide “mechanical reinforcements” for border guards, in a move criticised by a leading domestic rights group as a “civil libert...

Derde Mexikaanse joernalis is vanjaar dood omdat perskorps 'n moordkrisis in die gesig staar

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Drie jaar gelede het verslaggewer Lourdes Maldonado López op 'n perskonferensie voor Mexiko se president opgestaan ​​en vir hom gesê: [object Window].

Twee Kanadese is dood nadat toeriste by die Mexikaanse strandoordhotel geskiet het

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Drie Kanadese besoekers is deur 'n eensame gewapende man in hul hotel in die Mexikaanse oord, Playa del Carmen geskiet - in 'n aanval noem veiligheidsbeamptes geteikende en beweer betrokke individue met misdaad..

Ten bodies left in SUV outside Mexican state governor’s office

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An SUV filled with 10 bodies was left outside the office of a Mexican state governor in a public square lit up with holiday decorations, officials said on Thursday. The bodies were crammed into a Mazda SUV left before...

Mexican woman shot in head by US Border Patrol files claim: ‘I am looking for justice’

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Attorneys for a Mexican woman who was shot in the head by a Border Patrol agent and survived have filed a claim against the US government as a precursor to a federal lawsuit. The claim filed with the Border Patrol by ...

Mexikaanse omgewingskampvegter vermis ná aanval op dorpenaars

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'n Mexikaanse omgewingskampvegter is vermis verklaar skaars 'n week ná 'n wrede aanval op inheemse dorpenaars wat verplaas is uit die lande wat sy teen onwettige houtkap verdedig het.. Irma Galindo Barrios, 'n lid...

Two more Mexican journalists killed as reporters condemn worsening violence

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Mexican journalists have expressed alarm after two veteran reporters were attacked in their own homes in less than 24 ure, bringing this year’s death toll for media workers to nine – already surpassing the eight dea...

A Cop Movie review – arresting Mexican docu-drama twists police film tropes

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“Cops are like actors – you have to put on an act so people respect you.” The speaker is one of the police officers, or possibly actors playing police officers, in this startlingly clever and yet heartfelt docudrama a...

Oxygen firms accused of intimidating Mexican hospitals during pandemic

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In Maart 2020, Benjamin Espinoza Zavala saw an entire floor of his small hospital in Guanajuato, central Mexico, converted into Covid-19 wards. The hospital’s need for oxygen soared. Deliveries from CryoInfra, part of...

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