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Wales to impose 2-metre rule in offices and close nightclubs from 27 Desember

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The Welsh government will bring in new restrictions including closing nightclubs and imposing a 2-metre social distancing rule in offices from 27 December to try to combat the Omicron variant and has issued “strong gu...

England’s GPs to be told to scrap 2-metre rule, say reports

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GPs in England will be told to scrap the 2-metre rule in their surgeries as part of a government drive to ensure they get back to seeing more patients face-to-face, it has been reported. The move is part of a package ...

Queensland rock climber feared dead after 40-metre fall from mountain

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A rock climber is feared dead after a 40-metre fall from a mountain in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland. Die man, aged in his 20s, fell while climbing Mount Ngungun, the sixth-tallest peak in the Glass House Mou...

French highline walker makes 600-metre Seine crossing from Eiffel Tower

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A French highline walker has crossed the River Seine in Paris at a height of 70 meter, in a breathtaking feat watched by cheering crowds on the Eiffel Tower and along the banks. Attached by a strap to a safety lanyar...