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#MeToo changed Hollywood – but what about our schools, workplaces and homes?

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Women’s rights have been the focus of many protests in Britain this year. After the rape and murder of Sarah Everard and the killing of the teacher Sabina Nessa, women demonstrated over the lack of safety on the count...

Peng Shuai: the tennis star at centre of China’s biggest #MeToo allegation

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After Peng Shuai and Andrea Sestini Hlaváčková won the doubles final at the 2014 Beijing Open, they went to karaoke to celebrate. The fifth-seeded duo had just beaten India’s Sania Mirza and Zimbabwe’s Cara Black, who...

China seeks to spin Peng Shuai’s #MeToo allegation into an ideological dispute

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Despite endless speculation from international press in recent weeks, there has been barely a mention of tennis star Peng Shuai’s bombshell allegation against Zhang Gaoli, the country’s former vice-premier, in domesti...

Kanye West condemns #MeToo movement as ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four mind control’

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Kanye West has condemned the #MeToo movement that has spoken out against sexual assault in the entertainment industry and beyond, describing it as “mob mentality … Nineteen Eighty-Four mind control”. During a wide-ran...

‘Instead I am the criminal’: China’s MeToo figure speaks out after case fails

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Sitting inside a Beijing courthouse late at night last month, Zhou Xiaoxuan and her lawyers came to a quick decision. Their years-long effort to seek justice for her alleged sexual harassment by one of the country’s m...

The Morning Show season two review: Aniston and Witherspoon return – minus #MeToo

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The Morning Show (Apple TV+) is back! Which is to say, the version of The Morning Show we knew and had an amused contempt for when it landed in 2019 is back. As season two gets under way, the dramatic, serious switche...

Court rules against woman who became face of China’s #MeToo movement

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A Chinese woman whose sexual harassment case against a popular TV host sparked a nationwide debate over #MeToo has accused a Beijing court of unfair treatment and vowed to appeal after it ruled against her. The Haidia...

Jane Campion: #MeToo felt like ‘end of apartheid’ for women

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Jane Campion has spoken of her optimism about the role of women in the film industry, before the premiere of her latest drama at Venice film festival. “All I can say is that, since the #MeToo movement happened, I feel...

Kris Wu arrest raises hopes for China’s #MeToo movement

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It felt like a turning point. The arrest of one of China’s biggest pop stars on rape allegations had raised hopes that authorities were finally addressing the country’s #MeToo movement. So many recent cases of harassm...