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Storm by Stephanie Merritt review – pacy poolside read

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One of the problems with having a runaway success with a side project is that it tends to cast a shadow over the rest of an author’s work. You feel that John Banville may sometimes resent the way that people have rush...

It’s not true that everyone’s got a book in them: give writing back to the writers

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‘Dear UK publishers,” tweeted the writer and presenter Damian Barr on Wednesday as the resignation letters flurried in like the owl post down Harry Potter’s chimney. “Please don’t buy their memoirs.” I felt compelled ...

Sure, let’s be wary of abuse of power, but do we really want to outlaw office romance?

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The news that one more prominent man in the world of media has been forced to resign over a sex scandal barely warrants the raise of an eyebrow these days, but it is noteworthy if he resigns because there was sex with...

For want of a motive for the book thief, let’s run through some possibilities

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The theft of books occupies a complex place in our moral judgment, depending on motive. In Markus Zusak’s 2005 novel The Book Thief, the actions of the title character are heroic – she steals books to save them from d...