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Fragments of medieval Merlin manuscript found in Bristol library reveal ‘chaster’ story

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Fragments of a medieval manuscript telling the story of Merlin, which were discovered two years ago in a Bristol archive, contain “subtle but significant” variations on the Arthurian legend, academics have found. Il ...

Jumanji rides coming to theme parks as Sony strikes global deal with Merlin

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The $2bn Hollywood film franchise Jumanji is coming to the real world in a global deal to open themed attractions, rides, hotel rooms and retail outlets across Europe and North America. The deal struck between Sony Pi...

Northern Ballet: Merlin review – all-action take on the boy wizard

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Drew McOnie’s first full-length ballet, Merlin, is a likable stab at a fantasy drama for a family audience, based on the story of the legendary wizard, with warring kingdoms, spear-fighting, stage magic, a smoke-breat...