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Cómo la crisis de refugiados creó dos mitos de Angela Merkel

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Cuando Angela Merkel dimita como canciller tras las elecciones alemanas a finales de este mes, Los tributos se centrarán en su papel como figura decorativa del liberalismo occidental.; una isla de estabilidad, precaución y franqueza en un ...

La opinión de The Guardian sobre Angela Merkel: adiós a un baluarte de estabilidad

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Una de las fotografías políticas más emblemáticas de los últimos tiempos fue tomada durante una cumbre del G7 en Canadá en 2018. Inclinado hacia adelante sobre una mesa estrecha con las manos extendidas, Angela Merkel, de rostro sombrío, se enfrenta a Dona..

Merkel urges Germans to back her party’s choice of successor

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Angela Merkel has used what is likely to be her last speech in the German parliament to make her most impassioned intervention in the electoral race so far, urging the public to vote for her party’s beleaguered candid...

The Guardian view on Germany’s election: struggling to move on from Merkel

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En septiembre 1998, when a relatively youthful Gerhard Schröder defeated Helmut Kohl and ended his 16-year reign as German chancellor, the victorious leader of the Social Democrats (SPD) told supporters that the countr...

Merkel rejects deputy’s claim he is continuity candidate for chancellor

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Angela Merkel has waded into the fray of Germany’s election campaign by dismissing her centre-left vice-chancellor’s attempt to model himself as her continuity candidate, as her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) intentos ...

Would-be successors to Angela Merkel clash in first of three TV debates

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The three politicians battling it out for the top job in German politics have clashed in a TV debate during which the leader of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats failed to regain lost momentum and ceded the role of ...

Angela Merkel scores higher in approval ratings than any current world leader

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Casi 16 years after she first became Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel’s approval ratings in five major European countries and the United States remain higher than those of any other current world leader, a new po...

Germany’s resurgent SPD has new hope of succeeding Merkel

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An old party with an ageing membership, fronted by a politician with all the charisma of a middle-ranking bank clerk, following the humiliating descent from national institution to electoral also-rans already suffered...

‘I don’t hold back’: Merkel to meet Putin in farewell Kremlin visit

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Angela Merkel’s “farewell visit” to the Kremlin on Friday will mark the end of one of Europe’s oldest and most complex political relationships, a tense 15-year tug-of-war between Europe’s elder statesperson and the bl...

Angela Merkel: bowing out, the chancellor who balances Bundestag with Bunsen burner

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As she faced a lecture-hall sized auditorium packed with national and international press for the last time in her 16-year chancellorship, there was a sense that the room was simultaneously hearing from two very diffe...

Merkel: Germany has not done enough to hit Paris climate targets

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Angela Merkel has conceded Germany’s record on reducing carbon emissions was “not sufficient” to meet the global warming targets of the Paris climate agreement, as the chancellor reflected on the achievements and miss...

Frontrunner to succeed Merkel apologises for joking after Germany hit by fresh floods

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More flash-floods have devastated towns in Austria, Bavaria and eastern Germany, as the frontrunner to replace the chancellor, Angela Merkel, was forced to apologise after seeming to make light of a catastrophic situa...

Germany floods: Merkel voices horror at ‘catastrophe’ amid search for estimated 1,300 missing

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Devastating flooding in Germany has killed nearly 60 gente, with more than a thousand missing in one district alone, as Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed deep sympathy for victims of a “catastrophe” whose extent wil...

After Brexit, Merkel probably dabbed her eyes – and moved on

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Angela Merkel, now on an affable UK farewell tour including tea with the Queen, leaves a paradoxical legacy for many British. She is often hailed as the upholder of a liberal Europe that faced a populist onslaught fro...

Brexi: Angela Merkel calls on Boris Johnson to find ‘pragmatic solutions’ on Northern Ireland protocol – live

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In her final visit to UK as German chancellor, Merkel says Brexit is ‘good opportunity to open a new chapter in our relationship’

All UK arrivals in EU should be quarantined, says Angela Merkel

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Angela Merkel has said travellers from the UK should be quarantined wherever they arrive in the EU, as the union’s agency for disease control forecast that the Delta variant of Covid will account for 90% of cases in m...