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The Ukrainian children at the mercy of UK’s refugee scheme

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Nazarii has spent the last three weeks listening to fighter planes fly over his village in western Ukraine and hoping that his British visa will arrive soon. The 17-year-old applied to join a family in Hampshire under...

The hounding of author Kate Clanchy has been a witch-hunt without mercy

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Alcuni anni fa, when I was still getting to grips with the vagaries of Twitter, I inadvertently took part in a social media pile-on. Someone well known said something stupid and I enjoyed tweeting to that effect. Ma...

Political chaos and poverty leave South America at virus’s mercy

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South America produced some of the most horrific episodes of the pandemic last year, with mass graves dug in the Brazilian Amazon and bodies dumped on pavements in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil. But at the end of 2...