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Theranos merchandise on eBay sparks bloodlust among Elizabeth Holmes fans

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Fans and followers of Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes can now take home an expensive original piece of the company. On eBay, more than a dozen allegedly authentic products from the now-defunct Silicon Valley...

Elon Musk jokes about whistleblowing in Tesla merchandise tweet

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Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, has appeared to joke about whistleblowers on Twitter in the wake of high-profile lawsuits against the electric carmaker brought by current and former staff. The billionaire urged hi...

Ho il colpo, comprato la maglietta: "vaxinistas" e l'aumento della merce pandemica

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La tendenza di questa estate non è un piatto o un vestito, ma un buono stato di salute pubblicato sui social media. C'è anche una parola per questo: un "vaxinista" - una combinazione di "fashionista" e "vaccino" - è qualcuno che non ha solo h...

Celebrity merchandise enters new era as stars sell off their clothes

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Celebrity merchandise has entered a new era of personalisation with pop and reality TV stars selling the shirts off their backs, in a move to adapt to Gen Z consumers who are buying their clothes second hand online. S...

The one with the tiny T-shirt: Matthew Perry releases Friends merchandise

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Matthew Perry has unveiled a Chandler Bing inspired merchandise collection ahead of the Friends reunion show on HBO Max. The eight-piece collection – which includes T-shirts, sweatshirts and items for infants and pets...

‘Fauci ouchie’: small online sellers find lifeline in vaccine-themed merchandise

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Small online sellers who were affected by the pandemic have switch to selling quirky vaccine-themed items in order to regain income lost. On the shopping platform Etsy items such as “Vaccinated” badges, Moderna cup h...

Tom Hanks’s son criticized for using ‘racist’ font on merchandise collection

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Chet Hanks, son of the Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, has been criticized for using a “racist” font on his new collection of merchandise which is also controversially called White Boy Summer. His black and white range of ...