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Britain and the EU are on a Brexit collision course – but there is a way out

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After days of rising tensions, the European Union has agreed to drop most checks on supermarket goods arriving in Northern Ireland from Britain. But it still fears that Boris Johnson will reject the new offer. Accordi...

Brexit nos rodea, sin embargo, a los políticos les asusta incluso pronunciar la "palabra B"

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Lo buscamos aqui, lo buscamos allí. Sin embargo, el Brexit no se ve por ninguna parte. Ni los laboristas en Brighton ni los conservadores en Manchester querían pronunciar la "palabra B". Superficialmente al menos, uno podría llegar a creer que ...

If Britain wants to resolve the Northern Ireland protocol, this is not the way to do it

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Taking responsibility should be the flipside of taking back control. But admissions of responsibility are in short supply in the government document published on the Northern Ireland protocol on Wednesday. According t...

Leavers had high hopes for Brexit. They have not been delivered

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Doesn’t time fly? Five years ago we were going to the ballot box to cast our votes in the EU referendum. Now we are approaching 18 months since the UK ceased to be a member state. The transition period ended six month...

The Brexit sausages row looks like stalemate unless Joe Biden can solve it

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No matter how much everyone argues, you can’t fudge sausages. The UK and the EU are at loggerheads, specifically over chilled meats, but more generally over the infamous Northern Ireland protocol. And frankly, it’s ha...

Fragile Monsters by Catherine Menon review – a Malaysian family firework

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Fragile Monsters, the debut novel from short-story writer Catherine Menon, begins with a family reckoning and a house fire. Durga, a thirtysomething maths lecturer, has recently moved from Ontario, where she has lived...

Cima 10 homecomings in fiction

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With lockdown stretching on, one thing my friends and I are quietly admitting to each other is that we feel homesick. Homesick for life as it was, por supuesto, but also for the places we can’t return to any more. The on...

How the language of meritocracy has transformed Britain’s politics

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“We are meritocrats,” declared Tony Blair in his adoption speech as candidate for Sedgefield in 2001. Nearly two decades later, en 13 diciembre 2019, Boris Johnson travelled from Westminster to Sedgefield as the newly ...