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Édouard and Ferland Mendy complain at being mistaken for Benjamin Mendy

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Chelsea’s Édouard Mendy and Real Madrid’s Ferland Mendy have complained about media outlets using their images to illustrate news reports about Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy, who has been accused of rape and sexual...

Manchester City se Benjamin Mendy word van twee bykomende aanklagte van verkragting aangekla

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Manchester City se verdediger Benjamin Mendy is aangekla van twee bykomende aanklagte van verkragting, die Crown Prosecution Service het bevestig. Mendy staan ​​nou tereg op ses aanklagte van verkragting en een van seksuele aanranding wat verband hou met ....

Benjamin Mendy refused bail again over rape accusations

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The Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy has again been refused bail ahead of his trial accused of raping two women and sexually assaulting a third. Mendy, 27, who has been in custody for the past seven weeks sin...

Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy charged with four counts of rape

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Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy has been charged with four counts of rape, Cheshire Constabulary has confirmed. City have also suspended the France international pending an investigation. In 'n verklaring, the force sa...

Tuchel confident Mendy will be fit for Chelsea’s Champions League final

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Thomas Tuchel is confident that Édouard Mendy will start the Champions League final against Manchester City after scans indicated that the Chelsea goalkeeper’s rib injury is not serious. Mendy, who went off at half-ti...

Édouard Mendy keeps Leeds at bay to extend Chelsea’s unbeaten run

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Thomas Tuchel was hired for his winning habit more than his drawing tendency but, a dozen games into his reign, the German has already overseen stalemates in January, February and March. The term feels inappropriate i...