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Robert Lowell: Memoirs, edited by Steven Gould Axelrod and Grzegorz Kosc – review

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In an exceptionally gifted generation of American poets, Robert Lowell was, in his lifetime, number one. That was the critical consensus at least after Robert Frost’s death in 1963 left space at the head of the table....

No One Round Here Reads Tolstoy by Mark Hodkinson review – memoirs of a Rochdale bookworm

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Mark Hodkinson was born in a “modest, boxy” house in a Manchester suburb. There was one book in the house, kept on the top of a wardrobe with other revered items such as his cycling proficiency certificate. The book w...

Mother of all book deals: Mike Pence signs seven-figure deal for memoirs

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Mike Pence has signed a two-book deal for his memoir that is reported to be worth millions of dollars, making him one of the first of former president Donald Trump’s inner circle to announce such a lucrative arrangeme...

Diane Abbott signs deal for ‘honest and movingmemoirs

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Diane Abbott has signed a deal to write her memoirs, telling of how a “bespectacled little girl” would go on to make history as the first elected Black female MP in the UK. Penguin imprint Viking will publish A Woman...